How many of you had a successful physical Evocation?

Like hear with your ears or see things with your eyes like smoke?
I believe that 99% overpromote their results some lie and others use drugs which I havent yet.
My results are only results base 8/10 Failed or cannot track results back I consider failure maybe even 9/10 this is all including spirits with my blood and some offerings I started now to give meat I will see how it goes. Found the Cabal group which stated that its best to work with spirits of your native pantheon found out VK Johanum is working with aliens and found I should use offerings more I am trying that now but I cannot grind this magick stuff I put like alot of money in this and the results just are not what they have to me or as other magitians promote them. Please the Real People answer and dont lie. I have a journal with some succeses but as I said its like 8/10 and being optimisting say it 7/10 and 3 partial succes never ever had full success not to mention the times when it got even worse after magick. I am speaking for myself with about 2 years of experience.
The things that I did not do are human sacrifice drugs and alot of scrying I am constantly tring new things and improving my magic. I had a little negative result with a curse I still dont know if the victim is suffering I yelled in a rage to archangels and alot of spirits that I could conjure to atack the target I got soo inraged i coudnt sleep I I did it for 3 days I realy hold a grudge it was agains a police officer who was being a jerk and wanted to steal my money it is a difficult situation to explain. results for me was bad feeling depresion I gave offerings to the spirits and I am okay now. I want to learn because its like everyone is lying and is overexadurating I know people and I do it to. But having invested myself into this so much I am searching through the lies for the truth.

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It’s better to paragraph it than to have a wall of text, not meaning to come of as pedantic though. Just makes it better to read.

It seems like you aren’t grounded. You are searching for this, buying that. Don’t rush things, pace yourself and don’t conjure the idea that it’s not working as it should. It’ll work when you get it right.

Physical manifestations along with audible isn’t the most common of cases, if they were to appear in the form of being evidently visible, well, first up, we should discuss evocation.

A summoner draws a circle to keep everything within the circle contained, lights a few candles, recites an incantation or hymn/calling out and attempts to extricate something from them – normally information or wishing for them to be of service.

Obviously, things in reality aren’t regularly as they are in fiction, and keeping in mind that unquestionable evocation isn’t third density physical, bringing out an demonic presence likely won’t result in your finding a red, growling animal in your room.

Fortunately, as I would see it. Because the demonic presence is brought into this present reality doesn’t imply that it exists in a physical structure, and it unquestionably doesn’t exist in its “genuine structure” in light of the fact that as a developed frame of idea, the daemon doesn’t have a “genuine structure.”

Rather, when spirits are evoked, they normally make their essence known through straightforward signs that possible should be deciphered.

It’s conceivable to give demon spirits language, yet it is exceedingly hard to constrain a voice out of nothingness. Along these lines, except if you’re ready to gather significance from the glimmer from the candles, inspiration will probably require some sort of higher calling to speak with the demonic presence.

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I don’t hear with my physical ears but with my, lets say, astral hearing.
I have seen with my physical eyes tho.

I’m not using drugs. As far as if I over promote or lie, I don’t really need to prove anything to anyone, but just for the reference there are a few people in BALG who know better if I lie or not :slight_smile:


In about six years of magick? About four times where the spirit looked like solid flesh and blood before me, each time i was completely unprepared for it, wasn’t expecting it and after experienced what could be called a panic attack due to the total overload of my mundane senses.

The first two i have no comments on but the last, if you’re unwilling to develop that particular facet of yourself then what would you expect? It’s very much like working out physical muscles, no time on any of them means atrophy.

If you’re still feeling anger after a curse then it will most likely be ineffective, releasing all emotions and attachments at the end of a ritual is critical to success most of the time.

Evocation success all depends on what you’re wanting the most at any given time, Money, love, sex or the death of an enemy? Or to stand in the presence of something otherworldly?

If it’s the former then ignore the latter and focus all you’re attention on obtaining the physical things you desire.

If the latter pick one spirit and begin working with it exclusively, Scrying, Evocation, Invocation, channeling and perhaps possession. And after a few months possibly weeks it will manifest to you in a way that will leave little doubt of the reality of it and magick.