How many evokations?


I have too much issues in my list that need to be addressed. Somehow I have a feeling that I should do only one evokation a day. I mean not to torture the spirits regarding one and the same everyday, they’re kind enough to hear me. But not working on several issues with different spirits daily.
Do you think its right? How many works a day do you perform? Thanks.


My opinion is that you need to make a list, like an actual list. Work out the issues you need fixed the fastest, and do one or two evocations a day. Separate them into categories so you can tackle one group of issues over a few days - like a few days money, a few days love, etc. Don’t do different types of workings one after the other - you’ll be able to focus more energy into it if you do the same type of workings a few days in a row. Once the first group is done, let go - move on to the next, try to forget about what you did in the days before. When you get to the end, start all over, modify or add things to your original request if necessary. This way, you’ll be focused on the project at hand, instead of lusting after the results of what was done before

Good luck :blush: