How Many Demons Can A Person Work With?

I was just wandering how many demons can a person work with? Like if I summoned Bune and he is helping me with one thing,could I summon another demon for another task?

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Use the search function.

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As far as i know you can work with more than one demon. But make sure you be able to provide time and energy to maintain your relationship with them.
I also curious to how many exactly we’re limitted to. Maybe other person with experience can help us answer this question.

My advice is, just don’t over do it. Pick demons that can multitask for you so you don’t need to evoke too many demons.

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You can work with as many entities as you can handle. I work with angels, demons and elementals (usually on separate tasks, but not always).

So the answer, @birdcharming , is yes.


I did but I didn’t find anything maybe cause I wasn’t searching for the right thing.

Thank you I think I can handel that as right now I am not working.