How many deities am I allowed to work with?

Is there a limit. I of course don’t want to overwhelm myself but I just wanted to ask.

I am working with 13 right now


there is not limit but why would work with many dieties you cannot focus on all

Whatever it takes to reach your goals

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As many as each deity minds you working with, some deities like Odin sometimes prefer you work with him alone first before including others, he’s not the only one but it depends on the path you’re walking with how devoted they’ll want you to be to just them or not starting out.

People tend to forget the Gods have terms and conditions just like they do when working together, it’s a two way street.


I see!

Allowed? Infinite.
It’s up to you and the spirits to make that choice.

Currently I am working with 5.

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I hope not.

with how many you want and need to, You can work with seval entities in many ways like

  • Dedicating Days to your entities
  • Dedicating Hours to your entities,like every day at the mornings you will work for example with baal and on nights with azazel

U mean invoke,? Or work.? I dnt worship i just invoqe do offering and move on. And say until nxt time,