How many days took you to hear a demon?

We’ll, that’s the question. I mean I have been evoking and I have had heared King Paimon voice once in a dream and i had a conversation with him and that was because I requested him. But I can’t get to hear him while I’m evoking him I mean meditating and all.

Would you suggest me something while evoking to actually hear him?

Thank you

Sorry for my English.


It’s completely individual.

Some people hear spirits right away. For others it can take years, and still others don’t hear them at all.

Try the exercises in Kontantinos’ book Summoning Spirits. He has some good ones for developing clairaudience.


Thank you I’ll give it a try to the book.

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It is individual. I see some people who can chat paragraphs with Demons and then I get completely silent Evocations with intense energy and wonder why.

I have heard Lucifer the most, even then it is short and direct and that is after years.

Do you have other more developed senses like sight? feeling energy? smell? Some have strengths here.

Work on it and it will come with time and experience


tell them you dont mind speaking telepathiclly to them it that dont work use the candles, a pendallum or auto writing as a way to cummunicate i could always hear them n even see them at times when they know your ready you will be able to


The first Demon I ever spoke to telepathically was King Lucifer and he spoke to me alongside Queen Astarte. They spoke to me out of the blue after I constantly studied them.

I spoke to a few via meditation and telepathically. Lost the ability to communicate when them however (I think they want me to focus on other means of communication now).

Be patient. They hear you.

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As it’s been said, this depends on the individual; particularly how open and sensitive your psychic senses are to begin with. The first being I’ve ever heard audibly was goddess Aphrodite. This was during my second week of attempting evocations. I also heard Archangel Gabriel speak to me that same week but could not make out what he said. His voice had too much static.

I’ve had entities speak through EA in my dreams, and even other practitioners I’m familiar with. I say that to say sonetimes spirits try to get the message to you the best way they see fit. For me currently it’s through my dreams, or that half sleep state; until I sharpen my other senses. So, they could be speaking to you in ways you aren’t even aware of yet (like omens).

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Well i actually can feel his energy, but as you said it will come with time and experience.
Thank you!

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