How many days does it take to evoke a spirit(need help)?

I’m def having trouble contacting…well any spirit still.

I’ll try to do days if it’s a good thing?

To in my case evoke Raphael so I can at least get some hint feeling or something thet he’s there.

I just want to know, how many days is recommended and how come others can just easily talk to spirits.

While me, doing months of meditation and I still have 0 sign of contact with any ?

Its also been a month for me, like these days like i am freaking out,i am seeing random smoke out of nowhere ,hearing random some noises when i do evocations even when nothing in my house do noises also seeing astral flashes of whats around me when my eyes are closed.if we dont take this month into consideration , i have been trying since last 3 months before the month. From what i have learned this month what really takes to achieve your goal is patience, when get clues or flashes dont ignore them they are real clues,daily banishing,cleansings, like there will be no noticable results if u dont clear blockages and negativity, belief-its what really starts your journey on this path and manifests what you thrive for, dedication- being lazy and not trying to give what all you can they stagger your belief don’t do it!. Spirits come everytime u really call them acknowledge that its just that you dont have devloped senses, ask them to help and show you visions and try to recieve them and be open - really works. Read history and all about occullt it keeps the spark of fascination lit and it doesn’t make you feel like you are pacticing maths everytime.
Thats what i can say from my experience

Btw i was working with lucifer on my astral senses before an hour and i saw my room and my body in flashes it was like dark blueish and blend of some clours filter on reality.

Pardon my english is not so good

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You have already evoked the spirit just try to recieve and realise it always not like they talk to you in riddles in the starting, it takes time we are not used to recieving what they send try to figure out how you can understand what they say through feelings,situations,thoughts,imagination
I say that ypu just try to evoke this time and just say to them to show you visions,send feelings,try to recognise ang give it all


Ah, alright.

Thanks for the long post btw.

I realize now I must be patient AND ask for other methods of communication and help.

I should also keep practising meditation then.
(Which do you use?)
Hope it all works out well in the end.

I seem to have a wrong assumption, that this stuff works really fast. Plus my impatience isn’t helping iether.

Thanks man !

Your English is great, you kinda motivated me

maybe try some different methods of communication, for example:

  • pendulum
  • tarot
  • automatic writing
  • asking for messages in dreams
  • bibliomancy

also, if you are performing results magic… you don’t necessarily need to evoke the spirit to any kind of presence in order to get results. you can instead petition them/task them with something, which doesn’t rely on needing a two-way communication method.

if you’re doing it for practice or because you are developing that two-way method, then the best thing to do is just keep practicing.

you could also consider creating a sigil, a servitor, or calling on another entity, for assistance in kickstarting your subtle senses (clair-senses).

also (I say this without knowing your background/experience/etc.) consider what your expectations are. the smallest, most subtle change can signal a presence, something that could easily be overlooked: a change in room temperature, a slight breeze, ringing in one ear, seeing shadows or flashes of light from the corner of your eye, a candle flame changing rhythm and form, goosebumps, persistent muscle twitches. unless you’re in a heavily altered state it’s unlikely that you will see Raphael physically standing before you, or hear a discarnate voice.

edited again to add: there is no set measure of time, unfortunately, but practising is the best thing you can do, as well as taking any signals of a presence, no matter how small or coincidental it may seem, as a sign of encouragement.


Thanks :blush:

blue ray meditation by Koetting
river flow of thoughts meditation where you imagine a river in front of you and see all of your thought which are poping just flowing away
theta gamma sync meditation is what i do for most , i have replaced noon naps with it
nothing more but i try to be very calm for whole day that does make your mind work fast and mainly you dont get so many crap thoughts also.

its is fast but not in the begining take maths for example it easy to understand how to solve question but u cannot solve it untill you practice it but if u make good base u can solve any question in world

Oh, great idea.

I don’t have a tarrot set, maybe I can flip a coin. And see what happens.
Or, yh use candles as seeing if they go of or something.

But thanks

i have something to ask veil can i dm you?

I remember reading someone who used a “four pennies” divination method, you can probably do the same if you have four of the same coin :slight_smile: i think if you google it, someone wrote an article or blog post about it.

sure, i am about to go to sleep but i will be happy to respond tomorrow :slight_smile:

@Veil eil i think i cant dm you so i will ask it here
I had a question, previously when i tried to go to deep altered states i felt the difference but i now it still takes time but i cant really feel the deepness but i still i am sure that i am reaching the state due to results, and when i get out of deep theta state , i dont fell the difference between it and normal state.i am clue less of whats happening

It should never take days to evoke an entity unless theyre choosing to not answer you.

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my issues were visualization. Meaning i would call out and nothing. I wouldnt hear or see anything. So what i start doing is i lowered my expectations of what should happen. I dont think a man will be standing and dancing infront of me lol. I think of smoke and sounds as the entities being there. Like i got freaked out recently…

I am working with Lord Nergal and when i asked if he was there i heard what sounded like a rat. It was moving and chewing. Well i keep my room exterenly clean because i dislike bugs and rats.i turn on the light and walked over to the sound and nothing. Now Nergal is the lord of the plague. And thus rats being heard would be a sign of him.

My advice is to lower your expectations of what you will see and hear but just know that the second you call an entity they are more than likely there with you listening. They just may not talk. Its much like a phone call. Just because the person on the other end doesnt speak doesnt mean they are not listening.