How magik healed it disease topic

I’m looking to get more in depth with healing magick , any stories are welcome , on what can be healed , and how thanks a lot :blush:
Been working with angel of omnipotence , universal magick books for my disease just at the beginning so no progress yet
Suffer from chronic alergy


I’ll share one. It was 2009 and one morning I woke up and lower legs were numb and lifeless and cold from the knees down. I was stricken and couldn’t walk. The doctors called it a mysterious case of transient neuropathy. No one was sure if I’d ever walk again.

Over the next four months I forced myself to remain positive and used positive affirmation mantra with prayer beads.

Eventually I was able to walk again. That was a very difficult time in my life. It left me with alot of compassion for those who are disabled.


After I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, I made up my mind to heal myself.

Sekhmet was the main Goddess I worked with but Hel practically saved my ass and toe multiple times. I worked with a spiritual teacher and used a mix of Lady Eva’s Raphael Mantra and using solar energy and coupled this with good eating and exercising like Rocky Marciano. The doctor was impressed as to how much my condition improved when I was almost dead a few months ago.

Thing is Iet this shit get to my head and began binging now I’m working on quitting that with Ares and Aset has been helping me heal. Odin also gave me a second chance at it. It works just don’t break your discipline.