How Magick Works

If you really want to know, you will have the patience to listen to this.


I watched the whole video, and it was a great video. I certainly got my fill of quantum mechanics for the day. I think many people’s magick would benefit by watching this, although I have to say the tech at P. University is extremely disturbing.

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Good for you. They really teach you how to perform miracles. Glad someone took the time. Shows you really want it.

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I will be watching some of Braden’s other videos now, as well. I have never come across him before, and I think his explanations of the science mesh perfectly with magick. It’s nice to see the two working together, rather than at odds, as has been presented so many times elsewhere. Thank you for posting the video.

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He is the only scientist (i am sure there are others) that I have found who explains how magick works on a true scientific basis.