How long?

Hello people of the BALG forum, i’d like to ask you guys how long did it take you to get the ability to hear or even see demons?
In want to talk with some demons but i can just feel their energy yet. I already used the search function but didnt find any thread about that Thema so i thought to create one.

If u are serios, maybe 2 month, 3 months, or a year, u will mentally talk, hear and get voices, signs, but i talking evocation, spells, rituals constantly, and yes chills too. Or feel watched,

Thank u for replying. I feel sometimes beeing watched or heard by the great prince Orobas. But didnt hear any word from him yet when i make an evocation :confused:

Have you tried using a divination tool to communicate? This might provide you with a result, something tangible, which is what I think you’re looking for at this point.

Did not tried it yet, i live with my girlfriend so i can only perform magic in a secret way. I dont want her to know what i am doing.

You could try something that isn’t obvious, like automatic writing. Who is to say that you’re not simply journaling? :laughing:

:smile: i can give it a try :smiley:

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When performing only my second ritual using Winterfield’s DoM and petitioning Amon, I stumbled over the name of one of the guiding three angels.

As soon as I called Amon, I had a mental hiccup in which I said to myself “I hope I got that right.”

A male voice deeper than my own responded in my right ear, “You did.”

I spent about a month in preparation in studying DoM, and this was the second petition I tried. So, the answer to Derbeste’s original question (in my case) would be about 6 weeks.

Note though that I do third eye opening meditations every day, and that might have contributed to the ability to hear that voice.

Practice, dedication, and faith in your own abilities make all the difference in the world.


Thank for telling me that. I will search on google about Winterfield’s Dom and perform that. :slight_smile:

I also do almost every day third eye meditation

I had another thought for you. Did you know that you can use normal playing cards to perform tarot spreads and readings? Some people actually prefer them. It occurred to me that this might be a covert divination tool for you, given your situation.

If you use the search function on the forum there are threads that talk about tarot cards/ playing cards.

It took me probably close to 6 years to be able to do so confidently and learn how to tell who I was talking too.

I don’t see or hear shit! So frustrating, but you can’t do everything!
I’ve seen spiritual entities but less than a handful of times.
Don’t sweat the small stuff.


Thank you Mara, sounds interesting :slight_smile:

6 years? Thats a very long time. Did you do meditation every day?

For me was only a couple of months, I used to perform evocations a lot too and communicated by using automatic writing. Although it wasn’t until I started to work closer with Beelzebub and asked him to help me out with it. I summoned him one night after I asked him and heard his voice as clear as you couldn’t imagine, while being in the TGS and funny enough, got a bit creeped out and even went out from the trance for a second. Now I notice their always around, and basically talk to me (mostly Lucifer) in a daily basis and in random moments of the day.

no I started around 14 and actually stopped for a few years in the middle. Learning not to connect with “parasites” took the longest.

I think patience is the key to succes, i started with performing evocations for about 2 months ago. I think my third eye is already developed but i also think i should start working on my lower chakras, heard it could cause a huge problem if u focus only on the third eye chakra. Any suggestions?

Btw. Sry for my bad English hope u can understand me :slight_smile:

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