How long

Hi. Please how long does it take to get the universal circle shipped. From what am seeing I think E. A really puts in great time to making and consecrating it. I ordered mine 15 days ago and I have not gotten the shipping and tracking details. To those who have purchased, how long does it take?

I can absolutely understand your frustration waiting!! The best thing to do is this:

  1. contact

  2. if you’ve already contacted the Support Desk and haven’t had an answer within 48 hours, update your existing support ticket with a comment - please don’t raise multiple support tickets, this is a violation of the terms of use and won’t get your enquiry dealt with any faster;

  3. check you’ve safe-listed mails from the domain - and check your e-mail folders in case your reply was misfiled as a Promotional or Spam e-mail;

  4. be PATIENT - Kristen on the support desk handles these and she’s very efficient, and will get back to you as soon as she has an answer about what’s going on.

I have done that but I had created multiple request. I think I’ll go and end some. I just want to know if it takes long to ship it. Like u said, am desperate in getting it.

I get impatient 2 minutes after I’ve clicked to pay for anything online! :slight_smile:

This Monday 7th seems to be a public holiday in the USA, so there might be a delay due to this, I don’t know anything about the business side of BALG though.

Good luck and I really hope you get this asap.

If the circles are handmade which takes time, plus I imagine E.A. also has several orders waiting in line at any one given time, it could be one of these things that takes 30-45 days or longer. I have ordered from some companies that were so popular you could easily be number 41 on the waiting list and each person ahead of you it takes 12 days to make their item first so the waiting list was like 1-1/2 years.

Be patient. Have you been charge for it?

Ya. I’ve been charged for it. I’ll wait patiently then. Which circle can you guys recommend for me to start with angelic calling to visible appearance since the universal circle is not yet ready for me?

Am also planning to work with Rufus Opus’s Modern Angelic Grimoire

Am I correct in believing you’re living in Africa? Crossing the ocean and navigating the borders and roads could explain that kind of delay.

As to a circle, you could definitely make an energetic one by drawing in power/energy with your breath, then expelling it on the exhale through a dagger, wand, or your finger/hand in a circle around you. Absolutely effective, good practice, and no baggage associated with any particular ‘system’!