How long till lust for result makes the magick fail?

How long does it take for thinking about the magick to cause the magick to fail? It seems some people think about it for days, have lengthy discussions about it and then it still works…


This is so relative its not possible to give an exact answer.

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Perhaps the advice to not think about a working performed is (mostly) due to possible doubts of failing and thinking on a ritual/spell being sure of its success does little harm.


I honestly never had failed results due to lust for results. However I can see the connection somewhat. But lust for results can also be helpful when it comes to manifestation cause you’re pouring focus and energy into the desired outcome/path.


Don’t forget that lusting after results and merely talking about it (or even thinking about it ) are 2 different things

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Is there also the getting off your ass and clearing channels to allow the magic to work also… I’ve just been through months of upheaval and chaos to get where I need to be - with urgent need for things to “work” … which could be seen as lust for results, but there was never any doubt that it would all come good… which it has

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I’m confused about this too!! Isit better to take your mind off it completely? Or have no doubts and think about positive outcome?

Also is it bad to get reading done after spell if it’s to check progress?

“Yes its gonna work” and “what if it doesnt work” are completely two different things

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