How long someones vibrations stay on an object

If i have a hat of somebody’s and they havent worn it in likely 2 years, you think it still holds their vibration?

How much did they wear it? Where has it been stored?

You could use a pendulum to know the answer. Just hold it over the object in question and fire your question :wink:
Question must be answerable in YES or NO. Clockwise is YES, Anti-clockwise is NO.

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Pendulum divination movements are different for everyone. My subconscious makes mine swing forward and fback diagonally from me in opposites for yes and no answers. Some people get front to back and left to right. Others get it in the clockwise/counterclockwise rotation as you describe. For myself, a circular rotation is equal to a non-committal answer.


Exactly. It is different for everyone. One can see their natural impulses or train their muscle memory for something specific :wink:

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My personal belief is that it will stay forever. The longer time passes the harder it is to tap into it

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