How long does Sallos usually take?

Good afternoon! I apologize in advance for my poor grammar as English is not my first language.

I asked Sallos yesterday to make a guy I like fall in love with me, through the 1st method described in « Demons of Magick ».
I feel like he heard me, as I saw his sigil move in a circle quite clearly, but I haven’t seen any difference in the guy’s behavior since yesterday… as he is leaving for London tomorrow, the situation is quite sensitive.
My question is, how long or rather how quickly has the Duke been known to take action? Does he have an effect on people even if they are a part?

A bit more details:
I am currently working as a governess in a family and the son of my boss is here for the holidays. A few days ago, he invited me to party with his friends, which quickly ended up being just us two in a jacuzzi, talking all night until 8 am. That night he hit on me quite a lot, but as I am quite shy I ignored it.
Since that night, we almost haven’t talked, and he seems to leave whenever I am in a room.
I am interested in him, but I’m not sure he is anymore, so I’d like a little bit of help from the Duke, especially since the guy is leaving tomorrow.

For astrologists:
The first time he talked to me was when Venus was conjunct the North Node. We are born two days apart so we have a lot of conjunctions, as well as a Venus/ mars conjunction double whammy, a sun (me) /moon (him) opposition and a Venus square Saturn double whammy.

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It could take a while. 3 days, 3 weeks, 3 months.

If he’s going far away from you and not coming back, it’s probably pointless. He could feel strong attraction towards you and ignore it/push it down since he can’t do anything about it.


I thought Duke Sallos was more for drawing or inciting true love, long term love…I could be wrong. how long have you known this fella? It’s going to take more than a holiday to incite true love in this guy. Does he even have a way to contact you when he goes to London? You would have to make him more interested, interested enough to want to keep a long distance connection with you.

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Yes, if you want the best results with this method, follow the instructions. It takes you around 25 min on average to finish a ritual, it’s not that hard after you write a ritual summary.

You can offer them anything you like: public thanks, a food/drink you like, etc.


So for the update:
I listened to Sallos’ enn all day yesterday, but I did not see any change in his behavior.

Before calling on Sallos, Asmodeus’ name had came to me (even though I had never heard of him before) and since another user advised me to call on him, I eventually did.
During the ritual, I had a strong energy surrounding me, and when I asked him if he accepted, my head moved uncontrollably up and down.

This morning, I did not notice any change in the behavior of the guy, but I just learned that he decided he’ll be coming back in 10 days!
This will maybe give a bit more time to Sallos and Asmodeus to work their magick.

I also managed to get a pair of his socks, as well as some hair, so I’m going to do a bit of research on poppets, oils and other things I can use them with.
If you have any suggestions, I’d love to hear them!

I did the core ritual, and I offered him a bottle of whisky and praise on the forum :slight_smile:

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So let me get this straight…you hung w/ him in a jacuzzi and he put his moves on you - which you shot down - and now he’s withdrawing? And you want Sallos to do what for you?

Sounds to me like you’re asking for something that already IS/WAS a reality.

You do understand that rejecting a guy - no matter the situation - usually will discourage him from making further moves?

Sallos could be working but the guy’s shell-shocked.

When you write a request like that, especially to Sallos, you HAVE to specify that you need the love/passion to drive the target to take action on those feelings. Otherwise, his embarrassment/feelings of rejection very well might overcome his passion and keep him silent/ distant.


Okay thank you for the advice, I’ll definitely do that then!

I have to thank Asmodeus in the mean time, as he has accepted my request: the guy is barely on Instagram and only follows 33 accounts (only those of his friends), but started following yesterday the thirst trap account of a girl that looks exactly like me!
That is quite out of character for him, so I am really thankful to Asmodeus and I would definitely recommend him to anyone who wants fast results!