How long does it take to get results?

Trying to keep the faith, and making progress … I think anyway. Just not sure how a lot of people grow quickly, while me, well ???

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What results are you after

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Same as always. See, hear spirits. Astral travel
Opening sigils. Getting shit done finally, ascending. It seems like a MLM to me. I just dk.


Hell, I progress slower than evolution, lol. Took me two years to get my first ass kicking manifestation, and at the rate I go in some areas I will have to live to be 150 to finesse them. I still suck at banes, my divination skills are mediocre and I can’t AP on purpose.

Honestly I don’t think as many people progress as quickly as they let on. At the very least I think everybody hits a plateau at some point. Not to sound corny, but I really do think half of spiritual ascension is the journey.


Idk … I’m thinking of taking a complete break, and master whatever basic fundamental I missed. I just feel like a failure, as always.

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Practice… The sigil will help… Just find methods that feel right to you… Just because they work for some doesn’t mean they’ll work for everyone…

You saw the sigils flash, so its already working brother. You just gotta let yourself develop at your own pace


I wouldn’t be so hard on yourself. Sometimes a break is good and getting back to the fundamentals is a great idea. Have you been having fun with your practice? For me that is a surefire sign to relax and rediscover my muse when I am not. And I don’t feel bad about it, either. It is like riding a bike in that sense of being able to do it after long intervals between rides.


Sometimes taking a break is good to help you get back in balance, but never put yourself down as feeling like a failure. You may not see where you have grown/learned at but others like myself do. Nothing will ever be that easy to achieve for those who deserve it the most. Sometimes I feel the same but then I have to remind myself of what I want and the finally outcome of it all. I am a God and so are you, never forget that. If you ever need to talk I’m here. Now pick your head back up and know what you are like I do.


Breaks aren’t a bad thing… I’m taking one… Have taken a few…

Don’t be so hard on yourself

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No. Not really. Its not fun anymore, it just frustrates and pisses me off. I was doing good, and then absolute failure.

Ah, come on! What good does it make to kick yourself in the groin and think of yourself as a “failure”?

You know we have more abilities than seeing and hearing spirits, right? I rarely see and hear my spirits, but I feel them - and energies - physically and emotionally. My strongest sense. I can also see energies manifest visually, which is a good compromise when not being able to see spirits through clairvoyance at regular basis.

I suggest you focus on your strongest ability, whatever that may be, and start from there. The more you use that ability, the more you can utilize it.


Thanks all, will try again.


Maybe take a day or two and come back? Or just do one thing at a time?

You want senses first it seems. Just open that Sigil and meditate daily for a bit.

You can’t run if you can’t walk, ya know?


Yeah, “dark night of the soul”, is not an uncommon phenomena. happened to me 3 times in the last 5 years. Basically during this nothing you do works and you start to question your path and abilities. Some say its a test from the gods to see if your committed and ready to move forward. Generally if you tough it out your magic will be more advanced afterwards


I really don’t get it. One week results, and then nada. Perhaps take an atheist approach - I’m tempted to tell the spirits “prove me wrong”.

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I have felt the same, man. Many, many, times. I have actively practiced for over almost 15 years and I still don’t get the manifestations everyone else does. I used to feel like a failure as well, like magick just wouldn’t work for me.

Here is my old thread, from back in 04, just to show that you are not alone in what you are feeling:

A former member here, Arcane, channeled Belial for me, and what he said really struck home, and may be of relevance to you. With a bit of paraphrasing, He told me to, “stop comparing yourself to others. Spirit moves in its own time. It cannot be forced, and will open when it is ready.”

I took a break from magick but I could never really let it go. I have followed Belial’s advice and have let things unfold as Spirit dictates, and now I feel like I am finally, truly, advancing.


I’ve been here stewing and thinking.
Maybe demand a timeframe or negative publicity comes with the name attached.
Or demand a timeframe, expecting nothing, and plainly tell them there is no compromise on time. If it happens within that time, they get kudos.

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If you do that, you are setting yourself up for failure, because your expectations will get in the way. Time frames are tricky so I usually say within 30 days or something similar, depending on the task.

One trick I’ve learned when setting a task for a spirit, is to see the entire ritual as a step on my Ascension. Just performing the ritual is setting forces in motion for your spiritual development and I have found this mindset to be very helpful against lust for result or frustration at lack of result.

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I do appreciate everyones input, I do, and yours made me think … Fourteen years of results is quite good :slight_smile: I’ve only been here for a few years tops. I’ll keep trying, but I’m not expecting anything.


Definitely stick around. You are setting forces in motion with each ritual you perform, physical results or not. Eventually, it will all come together.