How long does it take to build a BIG realm?

I’m asking because I plan to make a big astral realm, about the size of our Solar System, with different planets, so, how long would it take to do something like that? Days? Months? Years?

Instant, it’s the collective unconscious, meaning as long as you can imagine it then it will be as instant as it you want it to be.


So, since I have been writing down how it will look in a journal, does that mean that it already exists?

If your intention is for it to do so in the astral as you write yes.


And could someone visit it? Would they have to know the name of the realm to go there? Or could my spirits bring them there? Sorry for all the questions

they would need a focal point to it.

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Like a sigil? I had a image of a sigil in my head and drew it, and it is the flag for the castle on my realm, so technically that could be used, correct?

No a focal point is something that leads them to that spot or place. A link to that place will work as well. Once the person or spirit knows of your place in the astral they can travel to it if they remember it.

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yes a sigil can be used as a focal point.

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And how does it work in the ethereal?

Etheric requires some level of energy manipulation skills, the way I personally do it is I use my energy as a thread and needle, from there I sow it into the fabric of space in front of me and expand it from there, enough before I feel drained then I enter it through the focal point the thread made and stabilize it from the inside by creating a “copy core” to act as a singular chakra for the pocket realm to circulate energy throughout it so it doesn’t collapse on itself.


My legion could do that, right?

Do what?

Stabalise the realm.

Astral realms don’t really need to be stabilized the same way an etheric PR does, but since the astral is an ever changing place it does need to be made to where the astral doesnt in a way “wash” it away, so yes they can do such.


So basically command them to make the realm so the astral doesn’t change it or wash it away?

Pretty much yes.

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