How long does evocation take for you? Belial dream

Hey y’all so I wanted to know how long evocations usually take for you guys (mine usually lasts 10-15 min but I don’t know if I’m doing it right) and how long you took to see and hear the spirit when you first started meditating and evocations?

I’m a newbie and I don’t really see or hear the spirits but recently I had Belial come in my dream.

He was smiling at me while his face came closer and closer to me and he showed himself with horns curving behind his ears and I was not scared at all, I woke up after.
I had never thought about meditating on Belial or didn’t really think about him as much but after I had the dream I knew how to pronounce his name in a particular way I had never seen before. I was unaware of his different pronunciations before I had this dream.

Although I don’t understand what he’s trying to communicate to me and if he’s trying to actually get in touch with me.

I haven’t had any known contact with him since but I’ve asked my pendulum if Belial has been with me through my life which answered YES but I’m not sure as the pendulum does give me wrong answers sometimes.


This can vary for me. It also depends on whether you’re talking about evoking enough to communicate or the whole deal.

This partly depends on my pre-ritual work and how stressful of a day, but I normally figure for 5-15 minutes of meditation (pre-work dependant) and 5-10 for them to show up. If they’re already in the area, you get the shorter end.

Pre-work can partially take place during the day, where I may listen to ritual music, enns, and/or chants, but this is for a full ritual. I don’t need to do it, but it’s more effective, especially if there are interruptions and I need to get back into it.


For me, evocation generally takes anywhere between half an hour to an hour, depending on whether I am seeking to task the spirit for material result, or if I want answers to some questions.

However, if I am particularly stressed and unable to enter the proper mindset, it might take much longer. Looking back over the last several years, I think the longest ritual took me 2 and a half hours from start to finish.


Since I don’t have much experience in psychic abilities I’m trying to start from the bottom up, I meditate daily for 10-15 minutes.

I would like to simply begin to learn to communicate first before I go deeper into evocation. What are the signs that they are trying to communicate with you or how do you know you are being heard?

I would like some answers to questions and I was meditating to manifest results using the “law of attraction” for something in my life the night Belial came in my dream and made himself known to me, what are the next steps I should take? Is he trying to say he heard me without me meaning for him to hear or he wants to help? thank you for replying @DarkestKnight


It sounds like he is asking you to reach out to him. Try spending some time chanting his enn or his song to connect with him. Meditate on his seal.


I’ve had this happen with several entities, Belial included. Usually, it feels like a nagging of sorts. Sometimes faint, sometimes not, but there seemed to be a sort of attraction there I couldn’t describe and when I ignored it, it simply came back. Not like an obsession, but more like there was something I needed to do and it involved speaking with them. Your mileage may vary.


Belial is being newbie-friendly as usual. Say hi to him for me.
Belial is pretty casual and he’ll understand if you want to approach everything carefully so don’t feel obliged to enter a pact or whatever. He will still try to get you to commit to some kind of bond/obligation though, but my point is, you do you. Just take it slow, enjoy his company. He’s a nice one to befriend.

(Also, i’ve never heard him curse so, if you ever hear him curse, I’m very interested to hear about it)


That’s so helpful thank you so much!!