How long do you meditate?

Hi! I’m just curious…how much time do you all usually spend in meditation when you are working with the deities?

I feel like it is so hard for me sometimes to find time to really sit and dedicate time to ritual. Lately especially, since I have so many new things going on.

So I’m curious…when life gives you more to deal with…how are you all finding the time in your week.

I have been trying to set sometime aside on sundays…but I find that between other responsiblities, exhaustion etc… it has been quite challenging lately.

20-40 minutes before my mind starts to wander again and legs start to numb too much :joy:

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Lol…yea that also becomes a problem. My body won’t settle in and get comfortable. Which makes it quite hard to focus. lol.

At this moment in time, I do a bunch of stretches. I do 30 minutes a day of Zhan Zhuang, which is standing meditation, I switch between 5 main postures. After that I do seated meditation for between 30 - 40 minutes. I then do visualization exercises, this takes another 10 minutes. I get up early since I only sleep 5 - 5:30 hours. I’ll soon be adding 5 element Qi Gong to my morning regimen, so that’ll be another 30 minutes.


20-30 minutes per day (average). When shit is about to get serious I need more time.


Wow…awesome. I’m going to have to look Zhan Zhuang up. I’ve never heard of that. .


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Seems like a reasonable stretch.

I guess I’m not doing too bad…just wanted to see others experiences. I have a tendency to glamorize what others are doing…my mind tells me other people are doing 2/2 and a half hours. lol.

This guy has some nice introductory stuff, but if you want to start seriously looking into Zhan Zhuang I recommend Damo Mitchell’s Comprehensive guide to Daoist Nei Gong. He goes into the energetic aspects of it, unlike this guy on youtube that doesn’t.

Perfect! Thank you so much!

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I only choose to meditate for atleast 10mins. But that’s mainly because in my ideology length of time doesn’t determine how much you gain from doing it.


Hmmm… that’s interesting. Thanks for that. I will take that into consideration. I also feel the same but thought that maybe I was a little off. lol

I meditate for 20 minutes, twice a day, in the morning and before bed. I do half an hour of yogic stretching upon awakening prior to the meditation.

Around an hour or so later, depending on what my day is like, I’ll either do an hour of qi gong or some chakra work.


Around 30 minutes of mantra, followed by 10-30 minutes of dantian meditation if I’m not working on anything specific. Usually midnight and morning. I also often do an hour or so of zhan zhuang if I’m not too busy, and more meditation if I feel like it

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A minute or less. The way I see it, meditation in itself is not the goal, it’s a preparation. Once you’re in the right mindset and ready - that could take few seconds/minutes or hours - I believe there’s no need after that to keep the meditative state going on longer.

Practicing meditation on its own is beneficial to help the mind recall that state at will, when needed, for anything. Spells or rituals, or just to have a concentrated, centered and balanced mind in your daily life. That’s how I personally understand and use meditation.

I found Osho’s point of view very helpful…


Half an hour to an hour depending on the need for it on a daily basis. I let my mind and body tell me when all is done. Not just spiritually, but for overall mental wellness. It helps organize the stress of the day and rebalance everything.

As for finding the time, a couple things help. When you are mindlessly watching TV or something, you remind yourself you can just turn it off and meditate instead.

Alternatively, work it into a schedule like any other task. Set yourself an allotted amount of time every day to just sit and meditate.

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I do 10 minutes every morning before work and typically spend my breaks at work meditating too.

I like to mediate about 20 minutes daily. I can mediate up to a couple hours but I find it impractical with my every day schedule. It’s that pesky balancing between physical and spiritual needs problem lol


I hate meditation, to me it’s a complete waste of time but I know it works for many , i only take a few deep breaths before calling a spirit!


Depending on what I’m trying to accomplish. If I’m simply trying to clear my mind, 20 to 30 minutes is more than enough.

If I’m actually doing magickal work, then I can be in trance for over an hour and a half.

If I’m experimenting with a new system that I am still trying to flesh out, is a chance I might be non responsive for the better half of an afternoon.

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I see meditation as something immersive, like a workout, similar to taking classes to realize goals outside the classes.
You can enter certain mental states even when you are talking to other people, at the moment of more distraction, I think that is part of expanding myself, not just sitting down to connect, keep the focus and mixing it with differents things, that is
helpful for me