How long do protection rituals last?

I’m doing LBRP, circle of banishing and body of protection rituals every day, but sometimes I don’t feel like doing it and I was wondering how long these rituals last? A day? A week? A month??

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Most banishing rituals are said to last from sunrise to sundown or roughly about 12 hours (that’s why it’s usually recommended to perform them upon awakening, and then again before bed.

However, since you’re doing three different rituals, try switching off so one day, just do the LBRP, then the next day just do the circle banishing.


I think it varies between rituals.

It depends which lbpr you use. Maybe you are not attuned to the forces you invoke :man_shrugging: try the gnostic one, the demonic one or the enochian lbpr if the Kabbalah stuff doesn’t work for you.

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