How long before working with the same spirit(s)

I would like to know even though I know one answer which is to wait until the spirit is finished with your first task , but say the the spirit is still working on your first task after 2 weeks , could you ask it for something else again or it must complete the first task before asking for more? I’m trying to be respectful before asking again

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You could check up on it if you’d like but some task take a while to manifest. But pestering and stacking on tasks will slow things further down.


Are the two separate tasks related in anyway. If they are you can always find a way to work it in.

Just my two cents worth though, When I do any kind of workings, you have to think it all through from beginning to end, all the possible outcomes, stumbling blocks etc. this way when you cast your original spell you’ll have all your bases covered.

Even though you do this you’re still not gonna think of everything lol