How long before a 2nd "try"

I am pretty sure that my evocation of Bune was not successful due to me not concentrating enough. How long should I wait before trying to evoke him again for the same goal?

Can you even communicate with him?

I was not able to. I think I rushed through the “focus” phase before issuing the charge. I believe I simply got in a rush.

I would definitely recommend spending some time just meditating on the sigil and establishing contact, before attempting a full evocation.

If you cannot see him, hear him, or at least pick up on his actions and intentions via your thoughts (psychic intuitive means) then you need to at least be able to perform divination and scrying. Because if you cannot see him or hear him say “I am here” and then tell you whether or not he will work with you, you need to be able to do a tarot reading, rune scrying, or use a black mirror or water bowl in the same way to receive images to find out.

I know it’s hard not to rush into stuff like this because it’s new and exciting, but I see so many newer magicians attempting evocation that are unable to communicate with the spirits (not that big of a deal, we all have to learn from nothing) but they cannot even use divinatinatory forms to find out if something worked, and they either wait around for several weeks while nothing happens or keep summoning the entity over and over.

May not be the answer that most want to hear, but sometimes it’s best to perfect your other skills (astral sight, sound, and divination) before you try to summon spirits otherwise you may not even be properly evoking the spirit. The spirit may not be showing up at all because you did not effectively summon them, so they were not even present during the evocation in order to hear you. It is really hard, standing there talking to your altar wondering if you are talking to yourself or not which is why practice is key here.

So many of us make the mistake of rushing things along to quickly. You did not learn to read or write over night did you? When you first tried riding a bike did you master it right away, or fall over and scrape your knee a few times first? It’s the same thing with magick and evocation. Have someone do a reading for you to find out what is going on, and in the meantime start watching some of E.A.s videos. He has well over 100 videos on his channel.

You wouldn’t be able to communicate if you dismiss any form of acknowledgement. That means talk, talk and talk to Bune, like it it was successful. As I see it, sometimes you need to polish the metal to make it shine.

When it comes to communication, never limit yourself to ears and eyes only. You can’t hear spirits? Fine. You can’t see them just yet? That’s ok, too. There’s other ways to communicate, like emotional and even physical. Emotional and physical communication works best if the contact has been established and acknowledged by yourself, and you could actually learn a lot from it. Behaviorism, energetic patterns and how the mechanics of energies works, characteristics and much much more.

Most magicians say “communicate first”. I say acknowledge first, then communicate.

How long has it been now since you first tried?

7 days.

Okay, then I would personally try to contact the entity again. Maybe this time don’t ask for anything just yet, just try to contact the entity every day for the next 10 days or so, talk to him, listen, relax and see what you can feel, see if you feel any temperature shifts in the room, or if any sudden thoughts pop in your mind that don’t seem to be your own thoughts, or if you start tingling with energy.

If you do notice anything out of ordinary, pay very close attention to it and try to analyze it. This method helps some people learn to connect with an entity and 10 days is usually not enough time to start seeing or hearing the entities but if you do this daily, talk to him as if you CAN already hear and see him, this tells your mind he is really there and is real. It might help you train yourself to connect with him. At the end of ten days you should at least start connecting with him on an intuitive, emotional or psychic level.

When you feel these changes, go ahead and contact him again and then ask him again for what you want, even if you still cannot hear/see him. Just ask anyway, then wait a few days and see what happens. If you speak to him like he’s a real person standing before you, your astral senses will start to awaken and reaffirm to you that he is there. Within 3-12 days (maybe more depending on your situation and what you ask for) you should see results and when you do, contact him yet again and give him an offering and thank him for the help. Just keep repeating this process with each spirit you evoke and eventually it will come to you naturally.

That’s what I did my first few tries. I felt kind of stupid taking to thin air, not being able to see the spirit but I pretended I could see him and in my mind, I knew he was really there because I could feel my energy shift when he entered the room. To me when a spirit enters the room, my body temperature rises a little and I space out for a second, feeling as if my body literally just dropped thru the floor and down a few feet.