How long and often do you keep contact after your first evocation?

Hi everyone!

I just started with goetic evocations. I already gained results from the first two evocations. With the first one, Asmodeus I feel like I have a close connection. Someone suggested to keep regular (like monthly) contact and I feel like that could be very valuable for me. But I was wondering whether you should always keep regular contact after a first evocation with a spirit? Of is it something people would recommend only when you feel close to an entity? And do you know how long you can keep in touch with an entity? (in my case they are bound to a vessel and I used methods from Michael W. Ford).

It would be really nice if someone could advise me! Thanx in advance!

Reckon it depends on what you want to do, I’m ignorant of Ford’s work, but not sure It’d be right for me from reading your post.

Personally I try to evoke or invoke at least three times a week, daily when I can. I ask them to stay as long as they want.