How King Paimon Kills

He is capable of causing silliness! What some of your expirences?! !


Are you asking about his sense of humour or baneful aspect? it’s unclear from the Q.

I know he’s capable of baneful magic but just general experiences. I’ve been working with him over 3 years. It’s awesome

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So you have been working with him for 3 years yet you dont know this?..

I always liked his sense of humour, very polite and classy. Refined and distinguished, he helped me out with a few tasks but left me hanging on other important issues as well so at the moment mixed feelings but more positive than negative.

I do I made a video. Just seeing expirences from others…

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No need to get like that. She’s just seeing if anyone had any similar experiences.

I don’t work with him but I’m sure someone on here can speak on the idea of him and baneful work


Actually this happened the other day I told my friends about King Paimon and they called him “Boujee” and I started laughing “yea I guess he his”

And the next time I talked to him “BOUJEE AM I!?” Then laughed lol

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He seems like a romantic to me.

But I can tell he would have a sense of humor.


That’s funny