How is the first time talking to Lilith

How is the first time talking to Lilith can someone tell me please

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I’d like to meet her as well.

Yah i know to contact her but it takes to long and i can’t do sometimes you just listen to her enn chant or say it in your mind and meditate untell she comes

I met Lilith while pathworking the Qlippoth in her realm. She came across as feminine, calm, collected and wise, interested and very nice to talk to.

She gave me some tips for the journey about stopping at a location in Galamiel, and introduced me to an incubus, as he could be some sort of guide, which I politely refused.

I contacted her once after that on behalf of another to ask if a certain entity had “been sent by her”. It had not. The conversation was brief and to the point. No impression of feelings either way on that one, just matter of fact.


She has the potential to be very intense, however any intensity you may encounter is to encourage your growth as a person. She is patient and understanding and won’t sugarcoat.I liken her to an old fashioned mother figure. Loves you to death but will not hesitate to set you straight or snap at you in order for you to get your act together. She is very dynamic from my experiences and is a entity I highly recommend working with once you develop your astral senses a little.


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