How is Hell/Infernal Realms like?

All I know according to Lucifer is that he says Hell is for spiritual enlightened beings who wish to reside there and that there is no punishment after death regardless

But how does it look like? How are the inhabitants like?
Do tell me I’m curious :3


No clue…yet. That’ll change in about 2 months or so courtesy of Aighash :face_with_monocle:

Maybe ask um a way to show you :stuck_out_tongue:


Only memory I have of anything infernal related was a dream I had where I charged into a castle with flags lined up against the castle these flags having goat heads on it then I continuing to barge into some kind of throne room stealing a flag and some kinda horse and then Escaping the Infernal castle Yelling Sayonara Motherfuckers! while being chased by a legion of daemons. Funny thing is the more I learn about my god form lately the more believe able I see this actually happening I mean my god self-seems like an Overpowered kinda crazy war god whos obsessed with power.


Hell and the Infernal Realms in general is quite vast. It’s a world within itself. I’ve been to a part of hell with black towers, a part with many rooms and sexual themes. The typical lava, fire, and brimstone part of hell with a molten rock city. A part with deep caverns and purple illuminations. A deep, dark part of hell that I can’t go into much detail, as it was between me and those demons who brought me there.

Long story short, there are many places in hell. I have yet to explore all of them.

The demons would take many forms. Anywhere from handsome beings, to monstrous, to emaciated, to black, wispy, mist-like forms, to composite forms hard to comprehend, to what most would consider disturbing. Some of the most powerful demons I’ve interacted with were colossal beings. I was an ant compared to their stature. They could pick me up and I fit in the palm of their claws. Sometimes the demon who would be guiding me that day would change forms often; however, I would know it was the same demon because of the energy he radiated.

It also seems there are different groups or factions of demons. I’m slowly meeting the groups as I journey. It seems, each faction has their own way of bonding and initiating.

I’ve met malicious, sinister, vicious, war-like, destructive, imp-like, mischievous, seductive, lustful, emotionless, protective, caring, and loving demons.


Man that’s awesome. thanks for the info


You’re most welcome. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.


@Lokthoriel if you’re still interested, there are lots of castles. A lot of spots are Sandy deserts, the rest are rocky like cliffs. The energy is dark but it’s not “evil” (I forgot that word is a thing).