How important is reality "really"?

I Just have a question for people who have worked with Magick and entities in their every day life for some time what matters if any thing .your identity,your place in the world .what social status is,
what actually matter? whats just a made up construct and whats not any ideas?

i got this idea after watching this again. just wondering 38:33

Everything is a made-up construct, all that matters if how much you like it, and how much work has gone into constructing it that you may find hard to disassemble.

Also, look in to who gains if you abandon a construct as useless, while others retain it and push for theirs to have dominion.

Many people try to claim that their beliefs are some paramount truth and the finest of things, while yours are simply made up and meaningless; trying to get you to defeat yourself is both the oldest tactic known and still, surprisingly, very successful on the unwary.

This is how “original sin” works, by the way, and it’s been developed as a concept ever since.

This will repay the short amount of time it takes to read: The Kybalion PDF, archived link.


Thank you @Lady_Eva! Hugs and kisses to you! (Yes I’m reading that right now! Just had to say you are the BEST!!)

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my main point was just trying to find out what worth worrying about :thinking:trying to find a point to it all of it or whats pointless :crazy_face: