How immaculate are (arch)angels & demons

What is the likelihood for example when you mess up one part of the ritual that the (arch)angels/demons will think “ok you have to do it over again”

Is this likely?? Normally im not to worried about whether or not I’ve got it right, just curious

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No, it is not likely.

However, as you explore evoking different types of beings, you will find that some spirits prefer to be called in specific, traditional, ways, and may not be very impressed with a slapdash modern method.


Yeah, I don’t think they will show themselves to me but I know they’re there, I know for a fact they showed themselves to you if I’m not mistaken, must be overwhelming and epic at the same time , if evocation is done I make my request and close it if they’ve not shown themselves to me, it has yet to happen

Hmmm anyways whatever other people say keep an eye on angelic workings they prefer order, tidyness, clean rooms and so on :face_vomiting: if that is not fulfilled than is better with the demonic cause they are fun and chaos friendly especially very creative environments. Creative and chaotic :star_struck:

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