How I'm being helped

Hi everyone this is my first post, and I just needed an opinion on something?

I’m still rather new to this,… I have done some sigil magick in the past with varying effects, so I decided to follow some advice on this forum and tried again. The other sigil magick that I have tried was for physical things such as money ect., making this working different, in that I would need advice and lessons.

The spirit I settled on is Paralda discribed as the elemental King of Air. I’m interested in his ability to teach divinition, and clairvoyance.

I completed the charging of the sigil, folded it and put it away. To get back into a more normal state of mind I went to my kitchen to have a cigarette, and thats when a stage thing started to happen! I had the fleeting thought about where to begin and in what form my instuctions would take place, and the answer was there! A conversation begun that was intuitive as well as being able to be heard but in my inner ear. What I was hearing was not just in my mind but within my ears at the same time which felt as if they were under water. I was unable to distingush between hearing phyically and mentally.

Pertaining to my first thought about where to begin and in what form my instuction would take, I heard distinctively: “Everything you need to progress you already know. Practice the excersises and I will guide you and add the things you will need to know along your way. There are many things that you have over looked, and I will fill these gaps when you practice. Practice often, and keep me in mind.”

Later on last night while in bed I started my relaxation excercises in bed as I usually do, and the voice returned saying : “Doing these exercises is good, but you need to do them when you are more active during the day. You need to master relaxing while being active thoughout the day as well.” Which makes perfect sense and which I did and have been doing all day.

During the rest of my relaxation exercise in bed, I had a flood of images in my mind which were not fleeting as they usually are. The people and thing I was seeing behind my closed eyes expressed emotions, such as smilling and others turning to look at me amused. At one point someone even said hello to me which I again heard in my inner ear, which felt pressurized.

I can feel the help being given to me, almost like a cruch while being guided and helped along. Not forcefully but constantly being updated with what would help more and where. I’m looking forward to more insights as I progress with these instructions,… Its actually more exciting to me than I thought it could ever be. I have a teacher who knows what I want, need and when things can be done better. In my opinion a personal tutor could never know me as well as Paralda does.

The opinion I’m looking for is this. Do spirits always instuct in this way, and has anyone had instuctions in this manner as well? Thanks for taking the time to read my post, I look forward to any opinions and answers that can be offered.

Yeah, spirits tend to instruct us this way, unless you’re just obtaining info through conversation. Good to know you’re making progress. You will probably experience the feeling of being capable to do something all of sudden, something you never did before but feels like you always knew how to do it. Inspiration may kick in alot also, as Paralda is a mental spirit. Just let the experience guide you, and close ties with him if possible. As you’re new to the occult and already got nice results with this spirit, its probable he’s the one to pathwork at least for a while, so you’ll acquire the basis for further development.

Thank you for responding Diazin,… And your right about feeling capable of doing things. I find myself staring in to empty space at times, automatically attemping to open up my vision and it feels so natural as if I have been doing it for awhile. It just keeps getting easier and takes less effort. Where it is leading at this point remains a mystery to me, but I’m excited about the entire process and where it will take me.

Thanks again Diazin.