How I literally got what I wanted

Let me start from the beginning for better understanding. I started a training programme at a Bank in March of this year, they were giving us an allowance of 200$ per month for our lunch at work via an account But I left one month later cause i wasn’t happy there… and apparently they closed that account cause for 3 months i wasn’t receiving any money which is totally normal cause I left the training programme.

In June I wanted to buy some new Jordan but I didn’t have enough money so for the 1st time I did a magic for money. I did some grounding exercises and raising power, I imagined a red light coming from the ground going up to the heavens and a white energy from the sky going down to the abyss until i really felt like my feet were hot :hot_face:. After that I placed my hand like I was holding an invisible ball, the energy got concentrated there turning like a vortex then I imagined a green light ( money) coming toward me and penetrating my fingers and I said my training bank account is filled with some money. Done I clapped my hands twice.

End of that month out of no where, I started receiving that same amount of allowance each month since


““Lots of free and easy money is mine NOW, in a happy and positive way, to keep and use as I wish now and forevermore.””


Are you back on the training program now?


No i willingly left the programme and i dont want to be back, but i am still getting my allowance every month since i did the “ritual”


Sounds like a technique from Mya Om, right? :heart_eyes: