How I killed someone using witchcraft

This is a story I avoid telling people because I feel guilty about what happened, but I would like to share it with you so you may avoid doing the same mistake. This happened when I was about 15 years old. I was new to dark magic and working with demons. My family was pretty poor, we were always like that. We had food and a house, but we were still poor and my parents were always complaining about money. As a teenager I really wanted to be able to afford things, to travel etc. I would often visualize myself growing, going to college, having an apartment etc. I knew that it would not be possible because my parents could’t support me financially. So I turned to magic, I did a ritual for money, visualizing the things I have mentioned. I thought I did not work as my parents did not get rich, but, about a years later something happened. My grandfather died. He was hit by a car and I saw everything. I remember he talked to me an hour before he died. He seemed very nervous, as if he would have known. He had no chance to survive. After he died, we were told that we could get a significant amount of money, because he was hit by a car and the car insurance company would have to pay us money (that’s how things works in my country, I am not sure if I said it correctly because English is not my native language sorry). We hired a lawyer and about 5 years later we got a lot of money. I have an apartment, I have pretty clothes and jewels, I travelled. I still have some of those money, not much, but I am working right now, so it’s not a problem. Anyway, the time was exact, everything happened like I visualised then. It took a lot of time because that’s how I thought about it. I feel guilty because of my grandfather. I miss him. I wish I would be able to say sorry. He was a very old man, yes, but he was a good person. He cared for me and he loved me deeply. I ended up killing him by mistake.
So dear beginners, take care of how you use magic because it is strong, very strong. Magic doesn’t care about you, but about what you programmed it to do.


You have my sympathies


Thank you for sharing your story, and for total and brutal honesty in warning about the possible dangers of magick. I imagine it was very hard for you to do this.


As long as you believe in a specific “goo” then there’s always going to be some corresponding “bad”. It’s unavoidable once you create the illusion of duality so strongly (by fixing a finite outcome) and it just happened to be your grandpa this time – could’ve been anybody else. In a sense, the insurance company also sorta “lost” some money by paying you out but that’s the way it works in the illusion – things come and go. Your intent was not to cause deliberate harm so that way you’re not directly responsible. Collateral damage is unavoidable in most cases. You didn’t kill him – that just happened to be the pattern through which your consciousness unfolded. Your personal self can’t really determine that even with the best of intentions. The personal self can actually do fuck-all: all power is the Infinite Consciousness or Impersonal Self.


This is why it’s so important to specify requests to come void of harm. I’m sorry you went through this though and I hope you’re better now


If it took 5 years to get the money, I daresay your working is not necessarily responsible for the death of your Grandfather.

But the fact you know you did something and this occurred within a nearby timespan can certainly have an affect.

The death and your witnessing it, could’ve been meant to be with or without the spell.

Try not to worry yourself about it.

Quickly I would like to mention that like @Twilight_Dragon has said, including a clause on harm can be important. Even if it is only to keep yourself from feeling blame.

I’m late to reply, but I have some words to share with you. First, you don’t have to hold yourself accountable for what happened. Perhaps the magick did influence what happened with the money, but I doubt it caused your grandfather’s death.

This is what I actually wanted to talk about. If you were involved with magick from a young age, it’s possible he was also inclined toward it at least somewhat. I’ve been told something of my death before by spirits, I’ve known others who have been too. Some people know when their time has come. It’s possible your grandfather could feel his time was short, it’s possible he was okay with it even. My point is, maybe he did know. He made his choices, and they are not your responsibility to bear. Demons, in my experience and as long as we’re honest with them, usually won’t seek out ways to hurt us.

Truly, I don’t believe you should blame yourself for what happened. I hope you can find some healing, some forgiveness for yourself regardless.

I’m sorry for your loss, thank you for sharing a difficult story. I don’t mean any offence by what I said and I’m sorry if it wasn’t the right thing. Losing people we love is beyond words. :heart::heart::heart::heart:


He allowed it to happen to him. His spirit agreed to it. I don’t get the sense of anger from him about it.

Magic as rules and by-laws on the other side just like here.

You shouldn’t feel guilty about it.

He is glad to have left you with a comfortable life.


That’s 1 why I haven’t done magick to get more money because magick will take the path of least resistance and if you don’t specify the conditions correctly (that no harm comes to x for example)you might regret it and not like how it comes about.

The other is because if you put too many restrictions on it (I only want money to one by x y or x) you might not get it because restrictions limit possibilities and too many limit too many possibilities.

All that said, IF I knew a way to do wealth magick without endangering the wellbeing of a specific person and without tying the magicks hands as it were with too many restrictions I’d be tempted to do it.

The thing is that the path of least resistance would be less then ideal (a person who’s old but who is benefitting me in their actions currently might end up dying for the $ to come to me and to me the benefits this person provides me currently outweigh the benefits I’d get from the money). So I haven’t done wealth magick out of concern it would take the path of least resistance and things would go from ok for me to more difficult for me (and because my fears would likely either sabotage it or be powerful enough to draw the undesired outcome into actually happening.

Just remember this it could have occurred without magick being the cause so don’t be too hard on yourself remember that path of least resistance could have been that the accident was going to happen anywayeven before you did the magick and he was going to die from it whether you did magick or not and the only thing magick did if that was the case was to direct the $ in your direction. If so then you didn’t cause his death you only caused the insurance adjuster and courts to find in your favour and send the money to you and your family.

Since you can’t be sure the accident wouldn’t have happened anyway without you doing the magick, the only thing you can actually fault yourself for and shouldn’t is the outcome of the insurance investigation into the accident.

You have my sympathies and condolences for your loss. Try not to conclude you caused his death though, because as I said, the accident might have been destined to occur anyways in which case you didn’t cause it or his death you only directed the resultant insurance in your family’s direction which would in no way make you the cause of the accident, only the cause of the post accident windfall.