How i invoque Eligos and Bael

Hi my name is samuel
I tryed many Times to invoke Eligos and Bael
I have their sigils tattoed on my body for my loyalty and gift for them

I chant the Eligos enn and in sale time i ask him to be my teacher and master to become like him
When i do the invocation i make a magnetism energy ball that i use as a portal to let him enter in me

I start to feel much more powerfull and confident and fearless but i never saw him

Iwould like to have a deepest connections with Eligos and Bael

But i dont know how

Someone can teach me or counsil me

I already have my blood to Eligos droping in his sigil that i made and after i tattoed them

I felt a strong attraction for Eligos
Like à sensation that he Was telling me to join him
I asked him to be my master and i would like to be his disciple

Welcome @SamuelPereira Please make a proper introduction in the NEW MAGICIAN AND INTRODUCTIONS area, and tell us about yourself and any experience you may have in magick. It is a rule of this forum.

Thank you so much for acepting me in your comunity
My question is how i can have a more stronger and direct invocation and contact with Eligos and bael :blush:

I would assume, the more you ask of them by invocation/evocation down the line, you would automatically have stronger connection. The more you cast the stronger your ability.

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Okidoki thank you sooo much
I will keep in touch to give the feed back of my experience