How I got my ex back with magick

You have to do a bit of research to find out what everything means on this forum. Maybe google NAP and you’ll find your answers.

What’s the point of this forum if I have to do research just to get the meaning of what anything means before I can get help,might as well go do the research on what I need

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What is NAP, please?

Pssst. Look

First topic has a lot of good stuff



Please be less rude when replying to people asking them or anyone else to give you time answering.

That you are not very good at reading comprehension is no-one else’s fault, since NAP is explained right in the opening of the OP:


NAP = New Avatar Power. Please read everything posted above, as it was already stated. Ask for clarifications only.


:roll_eyes: well …:thinking:

Aha. Great idea. You got it right there.

Out of the 100% of people who are on this forum, exactly 0% of people learned what they wanted to know from 0% research.
So, a bit of research might help :wink:


Most important article you will ever read:


@Lady_Eva is it fine if I post the whole chant here from NAP?

With the re-issue, I am going to have to ask you please don’t, sorry, but Geof’s daughter has just re-published these in the past few months and anyone posting entire workings may be seen to be trying to undercut that. It’s affordable, available, and there are now zero obstacles to acquiring the work legitimately, which was less the case several years ago.

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You mean “weeks” :thinking:

No, I was thinking of when I was looking for a copy a few years back, and the only ones available were sky-high prices on Amazon.

I see, okay. Then let them do the google work then. :rofl:

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I just quoted myself for the first time lol

Just proof that the people asking didn’t bother to read the rest of the thread. Frustrating


Thank you

Thank you for posting that! I love Josephine McCarthy!


Wow…I said a lot and said nothing. I gave you the steps of how it was performed but I will go ahead and tell you that you will not be successful because you are are lusting for results too much. It seems you have a few threads wanting someone to tell you how to get your ex back and which spell will work and which ones don’t work. Lusting for results means none of them will work. You asked why should you bother searching the site? Why should a spirit help you if you aren’t willing to help yourself? I’m not trying to sound mean there but you have to put work in yourself to show a spirit that you are sincere. It’s respectful. Just sitting back and calling a spirit expecting them to do everything for you may get you your ass handed to you!


I’ve been searching for 2 years so I’m not just sitting back and let anything work for me I’ve put in so much work even flew out of the country in search of solutions and of course I keep getting taking advantage of since I’m clueless to this world or maybe there’s really nothing. People claiming to have done this and that and it works might just be make believe. And I’m not lusting for quick work nothing wrong with wanting to see results especially when you’ve done everything and anything possible and get nothing so when I saw this page and thought maybe people who have struggled like me might have a different perspective on it. Some of the things you said weren’t clear to me especially this nap thing which I googled and can’t find anywhere no author to research so I’m researching just not finding anything

Read this slowly:

Can you spot any clues? :wink:


I searched been googling for it since yesterday and yes i read that slowly,saying it is one thing but finding it is another. Providing an author for the book would be helpful when I googled looking for the book I found a bunch of stuff mentioning nap and the only book I saw was by a Geoff or geob not sure if that’s the right one tho