How I got into the occult

I joined here sometime in the early summer and I knew barely anything about what I do now and most of what I know or already done came from my dad’s side…but let me start from the beginning… I was born in Washington D.C December 10th mom she used to do obeah which is a Jamaican form of voodoo then she stopped cuz she wanted to become a Christian. So my dad he was into voodoo and Santeria from his dad and Satanism from his him mom’s so I already Magick him bloodlines in me n shit.
So anyways his mom did some ritual before he was born I guess having him a special demonic blessing which was passed onto me,but then sum stuff went wrong then he died when I was 3 but I still talk to him. All of the his other carribean/euro Indian siblings, aunts, cousins talked to me and let me visit so anyways around 2005 I moved to north Carolina for bit with my parents aunts from my mom’s Christinan American side of the family. Like I already knew I wouldn’t fit in like I mostly hung around Wiccans, and witches besides gang members, and people that are carribean or mixed like me because I fit in more with them. My first bad experience with Christianity is when I was molested by the one pastors at this summer camp when I was 6. Ever since then I wasn’t rocking wit it. Then so many Christians I knew would treat their children like dirt and abuse them and justify it in the name of"christ". And I overlooked until my Christian aunt did the same thing when I was 15 like I would speak out against how corrupt the hypocritical church was by itself and she didn’t like that so she would make me to write the 10 commandments 100x and when I wouldn’t she would lie to a pych doctor and put me on meds and I actually tried to kill myself after that my very best friend who was a witch actually saved me but then after she told one of my other friends who was a Christian that told my aunt then she sent me to a pscy ward but I met more people like me who couldn’t fit in with the "Christian norm so I was automatically cool with it.
later on 2016 I moved to islands for a bit where I learned about voodoo and my Magick roots but I was to scared to attempt due to what the Christians told me so I just avoided it then. A
round July I moved to Orlando Florida with my mom’s American moms, and She is a Christian extrimist by all means, like she will treat her church better than her own family and had her own step husband beat on me and put me on meds so I couldn’t do shit. Then one day she tried to force me to get baptized and I said no and went to the 4 corners where my dad’s moms people were and at that very moment I heard a voice tell me “good job u almost made a BIG mistake” so I went over there till it was time for me to go back to school and my parents had mom’s mother would try to force me to to church n shit and she would try to do crazy stuff like slip holy water in my soda.
And at that moment I decided Christianity ain’t for me and this went on until 2 months after I made this account where my ex which knew brujita cursed me because I was forced to break up with her the year before because my mom’s was racist and didn’t like foreigners (including me) kicked me out.
That’s when everything fell apart. I got kicked our was homeless. Then finally I was sleeping in a trap house and of this street gang I joined for food, survival, and somewhere to sleep, and Lucifer came to me in a dream and said I could end your suffering rn and make u prosper and I asked “what’s the price I have to pay” ? And he sais “ur loyalty and u have to make a pact with me that u will do my bidding and become follow the lefthand path so I was like sure” so I suddenly I woke up around 2:40 am and my OG was up smoking a blunt and he was no stranger to the supernatural so I told him I needed a paper a And a knife and a black pen and a red pen.
After I got all of this I made my pact signed it in blood then until all off a sudden my life took a Complete 360.that next day I sold like 6 zips made 750,flew to da island of Hispaniola got initiated and blessed by a uncle who was a hougun
Then I had about $150 and I spent $40 on candles and Magick supplies so that very Lwa protection spell I learned from my uncle then I bought a 22 and the first time feeling black magic I felt so powerful it was like energy burning inside of me I couldn’t handle so I managed to rob 2 people in this nearby rich city in winter garden called the villages made $600,sacrificed a rabbit to legba, kalfou, and ogun, I had about $500 left(I bought weed and Uber money wit the rest. So my OG blessed me with $300 and sent to my dad’s moms people which were Satanists.
After I scraficed a goat to lucifer for the gift of prophecy I stayed over there till like September and and that’s when I got deep into the occult l.i at least cursed 60 people in one week from the people who helped kill my dad to the pastor that molested me when I was little to to my ex who cursed me. Right after I touched down back in OCA(orange county Airport Orlando fl) that’s when my mom’s called saying she was sorry n stuff. At first I just thought about going back to the hood with my gang but lucifer told me “I have better plans for you just go with it” so I did.
and even though I’m dealing with the same stuff I’ve had visions of future like days which is too come that can change history for us occultists for their best but for the worst if we’re not my friends mom is a theripist so she talks to me alot when I’m not a working at Publix.


A quick word of advice: It would be very helpful if you would use paragraph space breaks in your long posts. Most people will completely glance over or ignore a big wall o’ text like this because it is difficult to read on a screen.


Thank you man

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I have to agree with @DarkestKnight. I opened this thread and was about to just close it immediately. Sometimes I’m a lazy reader and if looks like a laborious read, I may just pass by it. I’m sure I’m not the only one.


:rofl::rofl:True. I understand

Sounds like you’ve had a pretty rough ride. It also sounds like things are starting to look up for you. Just hang in there, keep your head up and have faith. You’ll make it.

And yes, some of the worst people I’ve met and heard of have been self-proclaimed Christians.


So. Many. Words.


Yes but a true story

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I didn’t have too much problem, but I did copy paste everything into a natural reader at some point part way through.