How I feel when I perform magick

The greatest feeling is when I open up a ritual, it is amazing but I understand that all of us experience things in different ways what I actually feel i’ll detail below.

How I feel performing a ritual.

Ah it’s amazing I can feel the area simply react to my thoughts before i even set anything up.

It’s like the area knows that it’s time for power, all becomes silent and peaceful and the area feels like a blank template ready to be carved upon.

When I light the candles and incense, the area begins to glow and almost open up. I myself begin to feel rejuvenated, I feel the flames moving opening as the gateway of worlds as it opens the gateway within myself can be felt opening too.

I begin opening the circle through chants and circumambulation, what I feel when I do this is the energy in the area moves with me as if I were a magnet. As I move in a circular fashion the energy spins you can feel a tornado energetic vortex being created by my movement, energy and intent.

I begin falling into trance, feeling the floor drop from underneath me, my body begins surrendering Itself to the power present.

To the point my knees and legs shake, the trance deepens to such a degree I can hear my pulse and hear the astral winds around me.

I start to feel the energy in the air, tingling, buzzing, heating up and even cooling against my skin. My aura expands and with it so does my influence over creation i feel expanded and centred at the exact time.

As the trance enters to the full Theta Gamma Sync, the static rain can be seen surrounding all the area. I feel as if the world is no longer physical at all and is merely made of substance which can be moulded by my hands.

A power surge begins to flow not only around me me but rumbles from within.
As I speak the power enters the vibrations of sound in each word, sending forth shockwaves of power which echo through all spiritual realities like the creator is speaking to his creation.

I begin to feel omnipotence and omnipresent, the realisation that I am above and yet centred and yet inside every part of creation and yet it dwells within me.

As I breathe and my heart beats, the whole world breathes with me, I feel my ancestors power flow through my blood supporting me in what I am engaged in.

As the real power picks up, my hands begin either burn or freeze and as exhale the power floods from my hands and flows into the area.

My legions Of spirits rise around me and can be felt, watching me and empowering the area as well as acting as guards.

Next the spirits which I work with the most, can be felt and even seen around the circle, my crown chakra can be felt opening like a vortex.

Connecting me to my higher self feeling the greatest power and aspects of self flow down from the highest and lowest realms of the worlds.

There I stand centred in creation, all the spirits and beings which have supported me watch in either support or out of curiosity.

All aspects of myself are now connected, I feel as if the ground I stand on keeps me connected without floating away.

I feel the earth slowly rotate, it feels as if all life around me watches me. Pools of power and energy encircle me, vibrations of various kinds flow through me.

This is just me preparing the area and yet the sensations and feelings just from the prelimary rite before the actual ritual is amazing.

It does truly give me a rush, that nothing else can match. When I enter the rapture state that is incredible I can feel like I am going to black out, like my emotions and the movement around me gets so fast and wrapped up that you let go off everything.

You embrace all present, you can be possessed leave your body, even experience incredible phenomena then when you enter the crossroads state you have one foot in this world and one foot in the next.

This for me is normal feeling during magick, it isn’t my most intense feelings it is just how I perceive the ecstasy of opening for my ritual.

I am intrigued to hear how you feel during magick, not many of us give detailed explanations of how we feel.

Comment below be great to hear your side of the story.




For me I feel power shifting. Hairs stand up. A lot of perspiration. I don’t see anything. When finished I feel drained. That’s where nicotine helps ground me and caffeine just provides that much needed shot. I’m one of those sad types without the ability to see much beyond the physical world – but I can feel it.



From being in the rapture and exhaustion of energy it can be servevely draining I agree, Funny you mention nicotine and caffeine, I normally a cigarette and a coffee is my main go to after a ritual.


No it’s not. Real Magicians just know.

Beautiful (original) post.



That seems like it must take you a long time set that up, get in the mood and finally get where you need to be.

I don’t have the time or desire to do that much work. I get where I need to go and do it and get it done and get out.

I live every moment with my magic and powers. I can’t split my life from it.

Rituals are the guiding winds and my life sails on them.

I know most people will never feel my pleasures nor pains.

I drink Dr. Pepper and pop music as powers hidden in it I use too.

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Nope doesn’t take long it’s second nature and comes rather quickly.


Makes sense since you were born with your powers.