How i can pronounce this? Help me

Hi friends, i Just read this topic

And i saw this sentences in the topic,
Mesh ka doreth, rath hum met’tal os’la shun tinck

So , how i can pronounce this sentences ?
Can anybody help me?
What means this ’ symbol ?
Mettal osla , read like Latin language?

I would read it as “Met-Tal Os-La” with emphasis on both the M, T, O and L. Does that make any sense?

Edit: But as many, including E.A. has said, perfect pronunciation isn’t necessarily crucial, as long as your intent is there.


You illuminated me.
Very thanks for idea.

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Not a problem at all.

The apostrophe’s are just slight pause markers. Much like the dash that tov used. And yes, emphasis on the first letter of the next word. Much like Irish name O’Malley for instance.

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You should ask @Micah, he created the topic and received the sentences.

This is the key
Just say the incantation, pronunciation is irrelevant

Read it as “Met Tal Os La”, same thing.

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If one doesn’t know the intention then how can ones intent be sound or even existing? If you don’t provide a translation, then you may as well be writing “your mama is a fat jerk who can’t cook well” in some other language. For this very reason, 100% of the incantations that people write on here in their fancy rituals are not ever going to be spoken by me because I don’t know what their incantation actually means. Therefore, doing incantations in this manner is really a waste of a good ritual unless you have people who are completely fine trusting strangers (I’m not) and just doing blind incantations.

If you don’t have any meaning to attach intent to, then I have to disagree with the popular belief that just intent is enough. You have to know what you are intending with said incantation. Even with an enn, we know that the intention is to call them to us (come here, you), in a fancy way.

My two dollars. :money_mouth_face:


So we have upgraded from two cents :thinking::joy::smiling_imp:

Indeed I have.

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She has Ascended :metal:
But I get what you’re saying tho Bout the incantations

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