How I "bagged Adam Thoth" B Side

With much reluctance on my part, I have decided to acquiesce to the request from @AdamThoth to share my side of our story which will be combined with his thread. I don’t understand what he plans to accomplish with this, but whatever makes him happy. I’m still trying to talk him out of recording our upcoming handfasting. SOS!!! Honestly, public cheesiness is a bit awkward. Suppose this is a valuable opportunity to learn how to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. Right? He’ll be doing his thread soon.

It is a very long story. Quite a bit happened in a short period of time. It was built on magic which was surprising considering I have precious little faith in my capabilities. Writing it down all in one shot which, tbh, would require much more time than I have to put into such a project. So here is part 1. The title is inspired by his suggestion.

It all started in January when he popped into my DMs in what I immediately and erroneously decided was the douchiest way possible. I was pretty quick to write him off, especially since I was in no mood to deal with fuck boys. For the most part I was just hoping he would fuck off as hard as he could straight out of my DMs. I (much later) apologized for my initial assumptions and explained why I was wrong and a hypocrite. It is a long story.

He quickly redeemed himself lol. Found a shared interest in negotiation science with magic and spirituality. Developed a respect for him.

I’m generally opposed to love spells. But what I wanted more than anything was for someone to see me. Spent my entire life treated as a novelty. Once that wears off, I become seen as weird. People think that someone who is outspoken, calls shit how I see it, makes inappropriate jokes when scared, and asks questions regardless of the environment I am in is endearing and a “breath of fresh air”…until it is not. Hoping at the very least for a friend. So the Oshun candle was made.

Between then and Valentine’s day, talking turned into a relationship and then…he tested the waters of a proposal. Never even saw it coming.

Around Valentines Day I offered to send him a present. A few handmade items and a piece of selenite…which is a big deal because I don’t share my selenite hoard with just anyone. He’ll go into all of that. He is still working on a big hand made project for me. Quite excited!

Eventually, I did tell him about the candle. He was surprisingly flattered. Even insisted I do an actual love spell. Not just any love magick. He wanted to be, in manner of speaking, enslaved. He also insisted I record the process for him. WHHHATTTT??? Well, whatever floats your boat.

That will be reserved for part 2.


Weird-but-cool post, congrats! :+1:

Much love is needed in the world, glad you’ve found yours! :revolving_hearts:


Thank you. It is kind of surreal. Yeah it is weird. He asked me to, so here it is lol




Thank you


This thread is looking good and the reason why I wanted you to post this, your side of this story is because all stories have multiple perspectives based on the individuals involved. From conflicts and disagreements to stories of love and romance theres always more than one version. Reminds me a bit of the XFiles episode with Owen Wilson but thats beside the point. Anyway, I wanted to share what was something that I had set out to accomplish and made my goal public. My goal was to find my soulmate, Which I believe I had found.
Part of it is that this is not just any love story but one with magick at the very root and initiation of the story. Stories always have been and always will be mankinds most effective and enjoyable method of educating and entertaining. A person can be given information but information is often easily forgotten a story however sticks with us even after only one telling that information can be with us for life. I wanted not just to share my story and for her to share as well but to use life to demonstrate how certain principles in magic when put to work create the changes both internal and external that manifest what we want in life.

My side of the story, which I will continue in detail, involves following these basic principles towards my goal. I picked out this title for her because I thought it was cheeky and fun as is my usual style. Her side shows her magic at work and her following the principles of manifestation. She’s not as open about things as I am and this gives her an opportunity for personal growth, which as brilliant as she is has already realized and of course risen to accept my challenge.

As for the what I call the priniples many are already aware. As Robert McKee says, " a rule says it must be this way a principle says, this works, and always has through all remembered time".

No matter what system or method used in magick its always the same. Have a clear goal in mind (the intent), have the right attitude towards said goal (the mind frame) have faith (the bridge between evidence and proof) both in yourself and the outcome. Most importantly, be willing to do the work and meet the gods half way, because the gods wont do for man what he can do for himself.

Ps. Sorry but I kind of go from talking to you directly to speaking to the audience. Lol


Yin and yang vibes


That is brilliant. Didn’t think of it that way. And yes, that is one of my favorite episodes. Gave the audience a birds eye view at how Molder and Scully see each other and themselves.

What is interesting is that in this project, it demonstrates a principle in memory imprint that I mentioned in a post about ptsd and how to manipulate memory. When we are remembering something, we are actually remembering the last time we remembered it. Each recall is wired back in and often tainted with new perceptions. So as each of us share our stories, we are simultaneously sharing how are minds rewire recalled memory.


That’s one of those things I love about you right there. You catch what I throw out there and expand on it. And also I’m still in the process of getting my new phone synched up with my accounts but as soon as I do I’ll be back on IG with you.


Take your time :smiling_imp::dog2:




Part 2

I was the douche

Thought I would elaborate on that part for the purposes of context to part 1. I am of the firm belief that mundane lessons are essential to spiritual growth and shadow work. Our demons come in all shapes and sizes.

Of all the posts @AdamThoth could have lead with, it was on his physical transformation. Don’t get me wrong, accomplishing a goal to improve ones health and well being is no small feat. He has every reason to be proud of himself. However, his activity here is full of every kind of brilliant. So why choose that one?

I wrote him off as a douche because I took it personally. This idea that all women are shallow is a big nerve. Trying to explain to anyone that what lies on the surface is so low on the totem pole it barely registers is like talking to a brick wall. It doesn’t click in their heads. As I said in a group DM here and what I’ve repeated every where else is “beauty fades, but who is my person going to be when we are old, wrinkly, and too arthritic to pork”? Perceiving our environment at face value seems like a dark and lonely way to go through life and counter productive to having a healthy, intimate relationship with our universe. I felt that this gesture lumped me in with the people I feel isolated from. Lumped in with everyone he is used to hitting on. I was pissed.

Here is the problem. I made it about me. I often talk about trying to understand where someone is coming from. This general confusion between understanding a behavior and accepting it as OK is a point of contention. You can do one without the other.

I had done the very thing I was pissed at him for. It didn’t take long to figure it out but guilt and shame about my act of douchiness kept that conversation stuck in my throat. I know that sounds weird. No matter how much you want to say something, sometimes words just get stuck.

Cheese fest warning: There is a silver lining. As guilty as I feel, had I immediately stopped to consider what was going on in his end, our start might not have been so awkwardly romantic.

The lesson here is that having convictions is great, but it’s not enough on its own. I still have a lot of work to do. Shadow work is never over. Our whole lives are a work in progress.

I’ll work on part 3 when there is time.


Well I wish you both much prosperity, growth and happiness.


@AdamThoth @pantherpaw

I enjoyed reading this thread. Wish you guys the best of luck in your relationship. I Will be honest, I sometimes get tired of reading the same threads over and over on here. Ex. I want my ex back. Help me get my ex back, etc. lol :joy: But, who doesn’t love success stories? Do you guys live in the same continent?


why thank you :slight_smile: and Yes we do.


Well, keep us in the loop when you guys meet or get married. Most people might be skeptical about dating someone online. But, my friend met her husband online and has been married over 10 years! I get good vibes from this! Good luck! :four_leaf_clover:


I’m visiting during spring break. Thank you very much! congrats to your friend :slight_smile:


Oh dang? I thought this was another project that Doc was gonna do!! Oh shit, I misunderstood, Fuck!! :joy::joy:

@pantherpaw @AdamThoth Congratulations to the both of you!! When’s the party? :joy:


This is another project @AdamThoth is doing. We are doing it together. Thank you :slight_smile: the big day is just the two of us in March during my visit. But I would like an actual party after I move out there.


Indeed, you can make it happen. All the best!!