How have you guys used King Belial and King Paimon to get an ex back?

i’ve been working with Duke Sallos for a couple months with varying results. early on asked him to appear to me in a dream. i was lying in bed listening to his enn and i slipped into a dream without even realizing it. without going into the details, i was convinced he showed me King Belial as a suggestion to work with him.

i’ve been drawn to Belial for years but i’ve not tried to contact him. Im ready to contact a mighty King to aid my situation. but i need suggestions on exactly how to utilize their powers to affect my target since the whole “getting your ex back thing” isn’t as explicit in their powers as others.

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most people use Dantalion on matters of love that to influence and manipulate, instead of King Paimon. But evoke him(King Belial) and tell him what you need and wait for his response. Who knows why you feel like you need him, though what i know King Belial helps people to overcome things that they think they cant etc. So maybe he has a surprise for you :man_shrugging: