How good is Automatic Writing?


I have looked into some Automatic Writing lately and I want to know if its a good form of Divination ? :slight_smile:

I have read about 2 forms of it, the first one is using the ideomotor effect to spell out something after asking a question and the second one is using your mind to receive anything after asking a question and then you write whatever you receive, which one is the correct method to use ? :slight_smile:

You have to try it out to know which is correct. The ‘correctness’ of a technique is based on the results you get from using it.

So for a person that has practiced a technique and knows they can get a good result from it, it is a good thing to use again.

If you’re asking about yourself, then you have to test it out. Do some work with each technique and measure the results. If you get some hits over time you might want to keep practicing with it. If not, don’t waste your time and move on to other things.

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I, personally, don’t practice any form of divination that utilizes the ideometer effect. I find that they easily give false information and as a result, I just don’t use them or trust any information gleamed from them.

I would recommend that you use a form of clairomancy instead such as Tarot, Runes, I Ching, or some other form.

The only kind I have tried was literally allowing the spirit to take over my pen and write FOR me. I only did it once or twice just to say that I have tried it at least once but I didn’t get anything legible, just a bunch of cool symbols and some words that were not in English but seemed to be some form of an Arabic or Hebrew type language.

Pendulums and Ouija boards are not always effective and can take much longer to get an answer, but compared to automatic writing (in my experience) I’d say you’d have better results with a pendulum or Ouija than with automatic writing techniques. But IMO, when asking questions that require direct answers beyond just a vague tarot card interpretation, a pendulum is best if you can make yourself a pendulum board with the alphabet on it, even a makeshift board made from a piece of paper and a marker will do.

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I would think the amount of it being “good” would depend on your level of clairvoyance. Keep practicing at least once daily preferably twice and in a month or two ur skills will vastly increase. Another thing that would help speed things up is finding a demon that specializes in clairvoyants and having him/her assist u? Even charging it’s sigil and asking for help wold be a great way to speed things up along with accuracy of what’s being penned to the page. Just don’t make any promises to him that u don’t plan to keep.
Good luck,

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I agree with this, try different things out and then go by results - I could never do automatic writing longhand style but I find it easy using typing, I found that out by accident when I first got online and so typing became a major part of my life in a way that hadn’t been true before.

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Never even thought of typing lol seems like it would come more fluid. well to me at least. Stairway to heaven was supposedly a product of auto wrighting.

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Well now, automatic writing using a keyboard is a different story. It’s much easier for a spirit to push down on your finger or give you the idea of which buttons to press than it is for a spirit to move your hand with an ink pen.

Auto writing with a keyboard has worked well for me, I’ve even had experiences where I typed stuff in a foreign language and when translated to English, it made sense to me!

I’ve also had spritis do a form of auto writing with my music, where they temporarily send thoughts to my mind and I end up having the lyrics for an entire song come to mind out of nowhere, and I just sing and literally the whole song comes together in less than 10 minutes.

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