How far can you go with scrying out future events?

So scrying is used as a portal between the astral world and the physical world, it can be used in evocation/spirit comunication and divination, aka “seeing” into the astral world and see future event before they happen.

So theoratically, could you use scying to foretell sports game results? or future market changes? Or maybe a spirit could help you see such occurrences?

Of coure you could use differend divination methods like tarot cards or others, but scrying could be more accurate to use?

I personally dont have much experience with scrying, so thats why Im asking, is this possible?

No. Divination sees possibilities, not absolutes, and is usually meant for advice on the individual to seek a better path for themselves or the best path for their desired result. It’s not possible to get hyperaccurate readings that way in any divination form. If it were possible, lottery winnings would be immensely more common.

Even with things that use numbers and letters, the accuracy won’t be perfect. Having used divination to seek the names of people, they’re misspelled often, but a name doesn’t have to be perfectly spelt in order for a curse to be cast.


Thanks, that clears it up!