How essentiall is tgs

I can’t get into it so I am asking if it is possible to do anything without it

There’s plenty of things you can do with out it but do you mean evocation and what not?

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Yeah and feeling spirits

I could be wrong but I don’t think I have ever been in TGS and I still have at least a 70% (imo) evocation success rate what matters is how determined you are to working with said spirit

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When you say evocation do you mean feeling and seeing

I can I usually don’t tho as people have said it is a muscle you need to work with in order to see/hear better

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HI Dagar,

  1. Did you try to meditate longer? Concentrate on breath (20 - 30 min). When you concentrate on your goal it’s much easier.
  2. This state is the state before you go to sleep. Mostly it happens to me the first time I fall a sleep or the second time. Maybe work towards that.
  3. State your intention, do the task in your Lucid dreaming. Ask the spirit to come into your dreams. Maybe put the sigil in your pillow.
  4. Last but not least put on some easy trance music or binaural beats (even better) it helps with the voice in your head trying to analyse everything.

I can’t lucid dream either lol

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Well sometimes it helps when you just ask to come into your dream and remember the dream. Then you focusing on it.

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