How effective are spirits in finding relationships?

i plan on working with Hagith or Haniel in the future has any one worked with them and how did it go with looking for some one new?
Has any one used hagith? for a relationship not just sex? or haniel?

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I did the hagiel it works. Haniel? Not sure but i did the aniel angel it was ok.

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could you elaborate some?

I have worked with hagith to bring me a girl with qualities I desires .

I adopted the ritual from Arbatel book.

everything worked fast and as I wanted …i even met a girl with all the qualities I told hagith about

but one quality I told hagith about was " she should not talk to boys " what I meant by that she should not speak to every other boy .

this improper request resulted in failure as she was " too shy " to talk .

but hagith worked.

good luck :slight_smile:


did you use the sigil method? or full manifestation?

thanks for the info

I adopted the ritual from Arbatel book.

no . I just followed the method given in the book.

some only changes I made were to make the sigil in green ink and speaking the conjuration 7 times as 7 is the number of Venus .

I suggest you reading that book and following that method if you already haven’t !


thanks again its great to know just one spirit can be that helpful.

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I have a worked with the Olympian Spirits (: including Hagith :slight_smile: and they are about as effective as you allow them to be. All of this, i.e. magick, ritual, results, spirits etc., has to do with the quality of your consciousness. Until your consciousness shifts into a zone that is conducive to the results you seek, you cannot experience them even though they are actual, tangible realities right here and now. Now, don’t get me wrong, the spirits are as real or unreal as your body, your physical friends etc. but everything in your experience is compelled (: not so much in the coercive sense as the automatic sense :slight_smile: to conform 100% to your perspective. You can’t escape from yourself: it’s as simple as that. Leave the world and seeming others alone, work on yourself: don’t smash the mirror, change your face (: self-concept :). That said, yeah the Olympian Spirits are effective and will aid in changing consciousness in the right direction. I worked with them on more general themes and the results were fine. For more specific issues like love/sex, I was too limited/negative in my perspective at the time to experience anything more than opportunities because the mental block I had prevented capitalising on those opportunites.


Why did you pause after “wanted”? :sweat_smile:…^

no. I didn’t paused . sometimes I just write more than one fullstop together :relieved:

could you say how this relationship ended if you don’t mind.

no where I have mentioned that I had "relationship " with her .

please read carefully

sorry about that.
her being shy was the only reason?