How early in advance to do your rituals?

How early in advance do you do your rituals to stop an event from happening or compel someone to understand and side with you on a certain date and time you know you gonna need it? Because for example Henry Archers book on Angel’s and demons tells you you have to be consistent with the rituals way ahead of time so you can have those abilities when the time comes, but then later he tells you the ritual need be done only once. If only once then why does he emphasize doing them repeatedly for the same event you may need those abilities? And if it is for a specific event, when do you do it ahead of time? So my question is:

  • how early in advance do I do the ritual to the specific date I need the results to take place

  • do I repeatedly do the rituals to gain stronger ability to influence or compel with higher success as Archer says? OR

  • do I do the ritual once ahead of time and just state the date I expect these results in my request?

Thanks to anyone that can clarify.

That really depends. If you are able to, I’d break up the desired (sorry, struggling with my English here)
Make a plan with small ‘steps’ that work towards your goal.
Work on the first and go onto the second et cetera. That way you can also ‘let go’ of thinking about it a bit easier.

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Yes but say you have a court case coming up and need to pursuade or need to make the opponent confused, how early on would you do the ritual to the specific date you need? And would you state in your request you need this done on this date.

Well. In that case I’d pick the best time to perform it (based on divination, astrology, whatever you decide)
And maybe do follow-ups if you have time - which I assume you mean when you ask how early on to do them.

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I’m talking about weeks, days, months…what’s the typical time in advance people cast for upcoming specific dates . I’m not talking about divination or astrology none of that matters. If u cant answer then just say you dont know.

I’m trying to figure out do people cast when its days away from the specific date or 2 weeks or a month in advance…what’s brought the best results for a certain event or date

Maybe I did and have played around with it for years on my own before actually asking a smart question amongst tons of stupid ones on here to see what others have had best success with and it’s really not a complicated question to understand.

Ok if you need certain results on say july 20th, would you start now or wait till your like 2 weeks away since it’s not an ongoing thing but something for a specific date.
And no I dont work with Bael or other deities i use a system but this question would be applicable regardless of what path anyone follows. The bottom line is how far or how soon in advance do you do a ritual for a certain date you need a result for. And do you specify you need this only for x date. That’s all I wanna know. Everyone on here practices and they can’t share their own preference and why?

My opinion star now. Becase it may take some blovks do a few but same goal. Such no guilty. Proctecion etc

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Do it NOW. It be better to have the thing in operation to exert its effects now than at the last possible minute.

Usually depending on the event, it can be anywhere from right away to 2-3 days. A larger event such as a global one can be 2 -3 weeks…If u didn’t get whatever in a month though, consider redoing it…This is just how i operate, to someone else it may be different.

My way of doing things would be to put the event that’s meant to be effected in the spell somehow…Like- whenever i go to court for such and such rather than on July, 20th .

I get the question …but now the question has provoked food for thinking in which now I must re-evaluate my own practice and methodology…because to be honest, I dunno if u should wait…I’d do it now, so that I gradually build confidence that the outcome i want will arise…If I wait, i will feel like im in a pressure cooker, and Im the textbook definition of pessimism and negativity…so waiting for me be never a good thing…it becomes a weight that gets heavier each second waited…

For someone more calm, less anxiety fear driven, they may wait to the night before and pull off good results…So its really a relative question

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Thank you so much! You answered perfectly. Now why wouldnt you also include the date in your request??

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I always learned in chaos magick not to…I mean you could, i honestly never tested it. I probably will test with using specific dates to see how it works…Im glad u ask, because its unexplored for me …