How does working with your chakra work?

Ive used the search function but there were no information about a step by step guide.

Any one who works with their chakras, could you please lend a hand on how to work with your chakras?

I feel like it’s one of the main keys on how to see spirits better

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have you tried youtube? theres videos on meditations with the chakras

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Koetting has some good excersises on this in his books.

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There are many different ways.

Mantras, mudras, energy work, meditation…

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What do you use most?

Currently, I am using an exercise from EA’s book Questing After Visions, which pulls down energy from above, and below and vibrates the Bija mantras.


working with your chakras is pretty general, first you need to actually have a specific goal in mind.

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To see spirits

So you want to work on your senses, your chakras improve as you do that because you’re indirectly working on your chakras.