How does Satan behave and apears?

Hi , I am thinking about how doessatan apears and behaves when he cames. How to know if he is with us . Anyone know? I am asking this because I am trying to figure out if a spirit that appeared is really him .


I believe there was a thread That talks about his appearance I’ll link it if I can find it.


As for his personality: I don’t know. I’m still new so can’t see or hear spirits yet I have tried to evoke him a max of 2 times a while back, recently I’ve been trying to contact him myself for about 3 days now. From the occult articles that I’ve read he’s actually really nice showing a sense of humor and I also heard he can be sarcastic at times, And he’s also straight to the point.

Depends on which you mean, and who holds the title. However, there is an idea that Satanael is “real” Satan.


Satan is a serious guy,if you want to work with him be prepared, can be harsh.At the same time he is lovely,very protective,father figure and he asks for full dedication and attention.
He is my matron and I am very proud to have him by my side all the time.


Fiery full of passion
Agressive full of energy and violance
Seductive very charming and charismatic
Protective uses magic and a trident
Friendly radiates warmth and emotions
Satan is everything :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:



How a spirit appears will be unique to you. Their energy or “vibe” will be the same for different people, but their exact appearance changes all the time. I’ve had a demon appear much like a human in one summoning, and as something very unhuman in another.

That being said, Satan is a spirit of Fire, so if you got a “fiery” vibe, whatever that means to you, then you probably made contact. Satan is said to assist with developing psychic and magickal abilities, so if you find yourself improving on those fronts then you can trust that Satan is with you.


Thank you!

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Thanks . :blush: What do you mean about being harsh? I heard that , but in a which way ? Thanks in advance.

Thank you :slight_smile: . Do many parasites uses his name ?

This depends on which one.Many spirits hold this title.

Thank you ! Do you know if he can manifests like we imagine ( saw on a painting) with blue hair , looking like older man , muscular, hoarse voice ?

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I can confirm that

But how harsh ? In a which way?

The first time I started to work with him, I had the worst day of my life. I took it as a test, so I recited his enn continuously through the day. On the second day, and since, everything is fine. He is very protective, every coworker messing with me, even in a kind way, got his anger

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Thanks !

You’re welcome! =)

I heard that some people see him as a title and other as a being ( me also ) . I am not sure if spirit that came is really him . Is it good idea to call him and ask it ? Do I need to ask him for something?

You will need scanning and divination to confirm whether it was him.

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