How does salt work? Does it draw all the energy? Help pls!

How does salt work? Does it draw in all the energies or just negative and I do not have to worry about sucking out energy from my aura?
If I put a bowl of salt next to my bed for the night, then this salt will clean my aura or only protect me from the coming energies during sleep.
Protects or cleanses during sleep?
And can it be so that it will take away good energy?
Please, I am waiting for your answers, thank you!

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Salt, as with many (but not all) magickal implements, possesses no intrinsic esoteric qualities. Rather, it is about subconscious and conscious associations with the implements that bring about results. So if you believe that salt only absorbs negative energies, then that’s what it will do. But if you view it as absorbing all energies nonspecifically, then it will do that instead. Make sense?

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I would use salt, or black salt, to protect from AND clean unwelcomed energies. If you pour it on the floor to delimit certain areas, they will be protected from those energies. If you put it in a bowl, for instance, it can help you clean an area surrounding it. You can also mix it with water to sprinkle it around.

In any case, you need to consecrate it first, to put your intention into it.


It is said that malicious spirits have an addiction to exploring the worlds contained in crystals. Salt being crystals these spirits can’t help themselves. If you banish and cast a circle in salt it acts as an effective barrier because the nasties get caught up in the salt crystal worlds. I’m not making this up.

Nothing beats salt water for cleansing crystal balls/black mirrors or used in scrying bowls.



That reminds me of how it used to be said that vampires are compelled to count scattered seeds.