How does pathworking really work?

I tried a ritual from the book…Lucifer and Hidden demons. They use the method of pathworking. I was done and up with the ritual in 5 min. I didn’t feel “magicky”. Is there a hidden meaning to this?

No, there is no hidden meaning.

Though people mistakenly use the term “pathworking” to describe this method, the magical technique has actually traditionally been known as “working in vision” and it has a long history. It is basically using your imagination as a bridge to connecting with spirit.

It can sometimes feel too simple to be effective magically, especially in the beginning, but the more you practice it, the more real it becomes, and you can get startling results.


The best part about it is that I don’t lust for results using this method. It feels way to simple to actually lust for results. Which is indirectly a good thing


It’s a kind of demonic shamanism.


Ah. That’s well put

@DarkestKnight is right!

For example, I have been channeling “works in visions” constantly now, but it only happened after I started trying to do them on my own. And it’s pretty much easy theses days. I can channel almost any vision to lead you to meet a certain deity.

You’ll get there, and believe me, it does work and it is real.


I’ve been working with this grimoire for a couple years now, and I assure you that if you persist with the method, things will get much more “magicky.” At this point for me the experience is similar to an evocation, where I will commune with the spirit and sense their presence rather strongly, but they do feel different.

There is also plenty of hidden meaning within the pathworking images themselves, and should you keep working with the system these hidden meanings will start to be revealed to you.


It did show some good results for me. ( All thanks to Astaroth!). I did an another ritual again. Now the sad part is, now that the results are shown, I got the lust for results again. It’s quite little but it’s still there. :-\

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Wow…That’s neat!

Why so? You know it works! Maybe what you’re having is little impatience, and that’s different than lust for results. And you can manage it by focusing in another things. It has the side effect of giving you better productivity in whatever you choose to do.

Impatience. Yes that’s the correct term. Sorry. Yes I am distracting myself…

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