How does one open the initial Klipha to enter SItra Ahra?

I’ve been trying to find information about the process of initiation into the qliphoth for a while now, although not necessarily thinking of going down that route just yet but definitely studying much on it to hopefully take that journey in the future after i’ve studied and understood it particularly well enough.

However i keep coming across conflicting information regarding initiation into this system. Some sources say that the entrance is through Da’ath others say it is through Lilith, yet others say that you must enter through yesod, down into malkuth, then perform a certain unmentioned “sexual act” which allows you to enter through malkuth into Lilith and then progress through the rest of the tree.

i was looking into getting some of Kenneth Grant’s works but needless to say some of those books are not only extremely expensive but also exceedingly rare finds.

I’m simply seeking to understand and learn about the correct way one enters into the dark tree properly so as to open the first klipha.


It’s not so much a case of “proper” or the "right " way, they all work, it’s like going through rooms of a house (that house is you) and learning what’s in each room. It doesn’t matter really what order you do that in, but it can be easier to do some rooms before others.

I used V.K. Jehannum’s info on doing it bottom up from Lilith and that was fine. Now I know these are the roots of a tree, if or when I repeat this I would go from the tree trunk at Da’ath on down.

It’s up to you, it’s better to pick one and start, knowing you can always spiral back around to go deeper if you want to another time. Like reading a book, it doesn’t have to be a one and done, and you can’t really mess it up. I think it’s ok to be a bit more of a tourist the first time, and maybe beneficial.

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