How does one make themselves fall asleep instantly/within seconds or a few minutes?

I figure this is important to my workings. I would like your assistance.

I fall asleep very easily, but what I do is just close my eyes and think of falling asleep. Sometimes I go into a daydream of looking for a bed or imagine some characters in one of my long running maladaptive daydreaming storylines are falling asleep, maybe trying to lull each other to sleep.

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thank you, this is what i was supposed to hear.

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  1. Let go of “wanting” to sleep
  2. Relax and bring down shoulders, dont move tongue
  3. Put on facemask and earplugs
  4. Imagine a peaceful place
  5. Repeat a mantra over and over again and let go, let your minds eye do its job
    6 (instead of 5) gaze at the blackness behind ur eyelids and be mindful about it

Thank you for this, sometime my anxiety keep from from a peaceful sleep.

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Some people use drugs.

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Make sure your circadian rhythms are on track. The natural supplement melatonin helps - it’s the stuff your body produces to make you sleepy at bedtime, in response to low light levels. But it your bedtime isn’t consistent and you expose yourself to screens and blue light before bed, not enough gets produced and that makes it harder to steep.

Don’t take benadryl, it gets you to sleep but removes your ability to experience stage 4 and 5 sleep levels, Manning your sleep quality is impaired. Alcohol is ok but you’re more likely to wake up later and too much is bad for your liver.

Look up “sleep optimization”. It’s a very talked about subject.

Yeah, nothing to do with magic, just about understanding and taking care of your body.


forgot to turn on nightlight, thanks

Also, it is more to reach a lucid dreaming state at will.

Thank you, Maulbeere. May you find glory upon your path of flames.

Prince Valium. :yum::joy:


For me, it helps to fully cover up and face either the middle of the bed or the back of the sofa (depending on where I wind up going to sleep in my house). I find it strangely easy to fall asleep lying on the sofa facing the back of it.

  1. Go to
  2. Go to
  3. Use your 10minutemail temporary email address to access all the lucidology reading materials (assuming you don’t want them having your actual email address, otherwise just use that).

In “Lucidology 101” there is a module which covers ‘sleep starters’ and ‘sleep triggers’ which you may find helpful.

(@ mods, I hope I am allowed to link to other sites? :thinking: all of the Lucidology 101 stuff is free, so hopefully this doesn’t count as advertising)

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Meditation. The more you meditate, the more control you have over yourself, and the easier it is to slip into either the ‘sleep mode’ or ‘astral projection mode’ of your conscious


thank you, beautiful


you are happy, yes? Live more, it is harder to breathe underwater when you’re less human, just let it flow as it is.

Thank you!

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Look into your sleep chronotype as well.

Unilateral (one arm, one leg, side of the body) workouts hit the CNS and PNS a lot harder.

Sleep = Neural more than it is physical/endocrinological