How does one have sex with entities?

So I was wondering. Some people seem to naturally be able to feel and have sex with entities. I cannot sadly and I was wondering if anyone knew how to train yourself to be able to? @Uncle-Al @Micah @succupedia



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Ask @Micah. He has sex with everything (astrally, anyway) lol


I no longer have sex with anyone or anything. Happily married to my wrist. Couldn’t be bothered. Moved on.



Oh. Not even namaah?

I can’t tell you how to open your Clairsentient ability, because my spirits opened it for me. I have shared a lot about how spirits operate to communicate with us, and how they opened my astral abilities to feel them physically and emotionally.

How to maintain the ability, once it’s opened, is basically to put you in a situation that requires the use of feeling spirits and entities on a physical level. The more you use it, the easier it gets. It’s like riding a bike for the very first time. Once learned, you never forget it, even if it’s years between one ride to another.

Focus and meditation is, of course, needed on a daily basis for strengthen your astral abilities.


No. Shit I’m boring.


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reads thread title. Wanders in and sees dagar made it
“Guess youre looking to move on past psychically masturbating people huh?”

I had to have a deep connection with the ones it has happened with so maybe thats your hang up?


It has become a life mission of mine to be able to do that as well :laughing: I am trying out all kinds of things to get into the astral world and to open up my psychic abilities like clairsentience etc.

I’d suggest you look into that core shamanism beginners ritual from @Lady_Eva it will help kickstarting your psychic senses and you can do these special mantra meditations for your chakras.