How does one get interveiwed by koetting

I’d like to talk about the most cursed form of magic, Yellow magic, and divulge every last creepy detail about him on his show.

You can ask the help desk

i dont see there anything about an interview.

I’m not one to pick out at things but these kinds threads you’re posting will get slammed because they’re unnecessary. Use search tool and you can even book sessions.

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"How do I invite E.A. to be a guest on my show?

You may submit your request at the help desk."

im honestly not trying to offend, i was just asking a simple question.

I know you’re not. But I saw you post a thread saying lady Eva is cool not long ago, just letting you know that the forums goddess already has a thread dedicated to her grace!

But yes whatever you inquire within, use the search button first as it’ll link you to threads and hyperlinks! Much more useful