How does one force themselves into a relaxed state to fasten spellwork?

TW: abuse mentioned

So I’m trying to get out of an abusive household, but it is very difficult. My abusers are my family and I’m really trying to get out, but I don’t know what to do anymore.
My mother puts me in scared/alert mode all the time, so my manifestations/spellwork are not happening fast enough. I’ve tried meditating, but when your body is constantly scared or alert, you can’t concentrate very well.
I also am working with St. Expedite to make sure I find another place to move into and I created a servitor as well. I’m honestly absolutely scared that my manifestations/spellwork are not going to work and I’d be abused again.
any help/ideas/suggestions?
More info: I just graduated high school and finished a year in college, but stupid me thought I could take a gap year and would be fine. My mother was happy with the idea until a month in when she started being abusive again.
I have a business, but my mother is extremely manipulative and unhappy whenever I have something that she doesn’t give to me or have. She said she was fine with me having my business, but every time I have an order, she looks displeased.
A couple of days ago, I had orders to ship and I of course needed to place them in the mailbox for the mailman. My mother was NOT for that, long story short, she called the police on me and accused ME of domestic violence when I got fed up and just barged into her room to look for the mailbox key. She ended up not giving it to me, but thank goodness, the mailman found my orders. I’m trying to make a livable wage through my business, but it’s not looking like I can do that here. Again, any help/ideas or suggestions would be good.

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That sounds awful and I’m sorry you’re going through that.

Meditation videos on youtube can help distract you and the bineural sounds encorage your brainwaves to get into the same wavelength.

I think the word “force” is counterproductive as you need to relax and force implies tension, the more you try to force it the furthest away it gets.
If you can smile, even a dake smile, that activates the parasympathetic nervous system and helps.

Try starting out your season with this funny meditation video to let go of the day’s experiences, might be good prep so that you deepen the meditation in steps rather than trying to get there all in one go.

It’s also try a binding on your mother to stop her from thinking about acting or speaking against you.

You’re sabotaging yourself here a bit.

I recently went through a bit of an ordeal with many moving parts between the end of July through to mid to late October.

I did a bunch of petitions but was really stressed out about EVERYTHING.

But y’know what? I came out of it in one peace and everything fell into place despite huge amounts of anxiety.

I trusted everything would go the way it needed to.

I understand where you’re coming from, but if you’re patient there comes a pint where your body will let go and release itself. How long that may take is up in the air.

I’ve had to sit for 45 mins or so before it happens before. But if you keep at it, it gets easier.

The body is a thing of habits and that includes meditative practice. With enough regularity, you’re body will know that when you put yourself in a meditative position for awhile it’s time for it to become quiet and to loosen up.

This will carry over outside of meditation too.

I’ve had really bad anxiety and then my mind clears and I feel okay but my body rides that wave of anxiety til it dissipates. It’s an incredibly profound feeling when it happens. Like the hand of the divine on your shoulder or a sort of spiritual free fall while you experience a storm. It’s really one of those things you have to experience (an experience I’m immensely grateful for).